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Why I started a TikTok account

I think before I tell you why I started a TikTok account, I should tell you why I stayed away this long.

  1. Commitment: It is extremely hard for me to do things halfway. It’s both a blessing and a curse. There’s this weird intensity with me, it’s all or nothing. I just didn’t know if I wanted to commit to a new platform. I mean, after all, I already had so much going on.
  2. Time: hand in hand with the commitment issue comes the TIME factor. Where in my schedule would I find time to add ONE MORE THING to add to my already full plate?!
  3. Childish: I thought TikTok was for a younger crowd. I thought it wasn’t for me or my business. I struggled with this one for a while.

Now…let’s talk about WHY I finally did! I have actually wrestled with the thought of joining TikTok since the beginning of this year. I thought for sure quarantine would lead me to finally jump on the TikTok craze. Yet when I would look into it, it just seemed too complicated, and something that I wasn’t ready to tackle. So here’s why I just decided to jump in!

  1. Creativity: Creativity is in my bones and sometimes new platforms like these help me to think differently and see differently. They actually will give me new skill sets from just exploring and trying new things.
  2. Fear of missing the wave: Everytime I see a wave of something new, I always ask myself the big key question “are you ready to take on something new? Is this for you?” But here’s the thing that always stays on the back of my mind -a fear of getting left behind. Fear is usually used in a negative way and in this case, it’s kind of good. I like to use the analogy of when Kodak didn’t want to shift when technology was evolving into digital. They were the leading camera brand and because they didn’t shift, they were left behind and the other brands took lead. I’m not in competition with anyone or anything of that sort, I just own a creative business, and with that comes the responsibility of staying fresh and relevant with culture and change.
  3. Fun: There’s a huge side of me that loves to lighten things up. I go really deep and then I like to let loose. I immediately saw an opportunity to show my audience another side of myself and my brand. Although I have plans on how to do some cool things on my TikTok, I also plan on just having a lot of fun with it!

Moral of the story my friends….TRY SOMETHING NEW. DO SOMETHING EVEN BEFORE YOU’RE READY. We live in a world where perfection is something we are all trying to attain and therefore we aren’t willing to take a risk and do something that might not work. We aren’t willing to try the new as frequent. We overthink the process. We aren’t excited about the journey because we are overthinking the results. I encourage you today, whether it’s something as small as TikTok or as big as making a career change….take a risk and try something new. Do it before you have all of the answers and enjoy the process of learning and evolving!

AND….FIND ME ON TIKTOK …..eeeeeeekkkkkkk. @_rubiz_