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Vision Board: Manifest 2020 in Bakersfield CA

If people can’t see what God is doing,
    they stumble all over themselves;
But when they attend to what he reveals,
    they are most blessed. [Prov. 19:18]

Vision. I’ve always believed this scripture to be true. Without vision we perish. It’s true in reference to our lives and our businesses. Every year I love to take some time to imagine the desires of my heart and reflect on ways to dream BIGGER. To believe God for greatness. Fully understanding that greatness doesn’t come easy!

I attended Manifest in 2019 and I was really moved by such empowering, selfless leaders that I decided to come back in 2020 for their Vision Board Party!

When I create a vision board I don’t allow a concept to come into my mind. Sort of like my life feels at times, I just allow for myself freedom and somehow it makes sense and comes together.

Last year: the biggest thing that stood out on my board after creating it was a revelation of who I was! I realized after putting it together one side of my board was all cool tones with cool concepts and the other half was warm tones with more deeper and personal aspects. It was ME on a board. The biggest thing that stood out was the words SHOW UP! I feel I did that last year. Even though I felt the most challenged to do it last year. There are still a few things on last year’s board I’m believing in and holding on to.

My first time attending Manifest’s Vision Board Party in Bakersfield CA

This year, I took the same approach. Much to my surprise it revealed what’s been stirring in my heart. I realized that my board started to look a lot like bigger dreams my husband and I have been exploring. Purposeful things. There was a specific quote that literally almost brought me to tears. It’s my heart. At the end of the day, I want my kids to be like “Yeah! That was my mom!” And be super proud of a mom who kicked butt, loved their dad, and loved them.

Who knows where 2020 will lead me, I still have 10 valuable months that can shift me at any moment. I just stay diligent. I will just keep showing up. I will work hard and believe that greatness is on the other side of that. And per usual… I will always trust that God’s plans are always greater than my own. Cheers to 2020, to making moves and inspiring others to do the same! xoxoxo Rubi Z