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The Photo Bus+The Love Behind It

I remember exploring a new vision for a styled session.  Initially the only things I saw in this vision was the beautiful couple and a photo bus.

I reached out to Kasem and Brittany with The Photo Bus the moment I knew I wanted to work with a photo bus.  I’m not sure if it’s because I’m a photographer, or because I love love love VW, but….I knew I had to have them be a part of this shoot. [Side note: my dream car in high school was a VW Beattle, I wanted one so bad.]  Immediately after reaching out to them, I felt such a warmth and kindness that left me so eager to work with them.  I became really curious as to how they started this business, and why they chose to have a photo booth like this.  Here is a little back story on The Photo Bus and the amazing faces behind it.

Kasem and Brittany are husband and wife team behind The Photo Bus [SLO], a bus designed to create fun photo strips with a cool vibe on wedding day!  It is a show stopper for sure and the bus alone asks to be photographed!

Kasem owned his 1966 13 Window  VW Bus since high school.  Friends of theirs who owned The Photo Bus in San Diego, CA encouraged Kasem and Brittany to turn their bus into a photo bus such as they had.  The Photo Bus in San Diego started in 2011 and then in 2015, in the midst of planning their own wedding, The Photo Bus in SLO was created!  The Photo Bus made its first debut at owners Kasem and Brittany’s wedding.  How special is that?!  

Since then The Photo Bus has been serving the San Luis Obispo County Community.  They specialize in weddings and absolutely love being in the wedding industry.  They love the tight knit community they’ve discovered in San Luis Obispo as vendors. Kasem and Brittany are most fascinated by the creativity that vendors bring to each wedding they’ve been privileged to be a part of.

“One of the coolest things about our job is how much people of all ages appreciate the bus and what fun memories we hear because of that!” -Kasem + Brittany

Kasem and Brittany, thank you for sharing your love for the wedding industry, your love for VW buses, and your love for each other.  I was thrilled to have you a part of this stylized session.  The Photo Bus really was a show stopper, and I was thoroughly impressed with the high quality images that the photo strips produced.  I highly recommend all brides to look into featuring you at their wedding.  It is such a fun and special feature to have and you two are just amazing to work with!  Wishing you nothing but success in all that you do.

With all my heart and soul….Rubi Z