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The Mundane will make you go insane

lacking interest or excitement; dull.Creative friend.  Have you found yourself lacking interest or excitement lately?  Have you found yourself feeling dull?

I understand why it would be easy to live in the mundane these days. It’s hard isn’t it? Waking up, having a reason to get up, especially if your job is at a halt or in some weird form of transitioning.  All of the ups and downs that covid has put us through.  I know…it’s VERY HARD.  It’s been super hard for me too.  

I wanted to take a moment to share a few things that have helped me break out of the mundane.  Things that have helped me stay sane through this season…MAYBE they might help you.
In not particular order, here they are:

1. Change up your schedule: change things up a little.  Try by adding something small to your change in the next coming week.  Add something to your schedule that you’ve never done, have been wanting to try, or simply haven’t done in a while.

2. Get out of your comfort zone:  What is “comfortable” to you right now?  Location wise, where do you find yourself spending a lot of your time [aka home because-well Covid].  You might need to get out of your comfort space. Take a walk outdoors, grab a coffee at a local coffee shop, meet up with a friend.  Simply find a way to get out of your normal environment.  A few times this week if possible to break the comfort zone cycle. 

3. Get ready everyday: Commit to getting ready this week!  If you can’t every day, at least aim for one or two days and then build up from there.  Trust me, I know you don’t have anywhere to go.  I know that no one is going to see you.  But…YOU SEE YOU and it’s important to feel like you have a purpose for waking up and getting dressed.  Sometimes the simple act of dressing up will make you feel a little more alive and will actually encourage you to be a little more present and active.

4. Call your creative friend:  Link arms with a creative friend!  Especially if you find them to be in a better wavelength then you are.  It doesn’t make them better for it, they are just catching a vibe and you can link arms with them and catch it too.  Or…work on a project together or simply talk IDEAS!  Sometimes we just need to surround ourselves with people who are thriving so that we can break out of the mundane.

5. Hobbies:  Is there a hobby or something that is interesting you lately that simply may have nothing to do with your job?  Move with it.  Flow with it.  Sometimes just picking up other hobbies that are currently grabbing your interests will get you flowing and bring natural excitement back into your life!  

6. Grow:  You might have plateaued somewhere and you might need to level up or shift somewhere.  Start asking what specific areas can use some refining.  Write them down.  Once you’ve written them down…find ways to GROW.  There are several ways to elevate and grow in this season.  Youtube videos are a great source, yes I understand that you have kids and that things are crazy and that sitting down to find time to learn is sometimes way out of the picture, but friend, you owe this to yourself and to your family!  Carve the time.  Ask for help.  Do whatever it takes to pour into yourself.  Take an online course.  If you’re a hands on person, find someone that can mentor you directly in the area you’re ready to grown in.  Sometimes having someone with a fresh pair of eyes towards your business/career or whatever can really help bring clarity!

7. Change of space:  Guys, we are obligated to be at home a lot more than usual.  Whatever space you’re finding yourself the most in these days…CHANGE IT UP!  Is it your office?  The kitchen?  Your bedroom?  Living room? Declutter, reorganize, if you can financially…spruce it up and redesign.  We must love where we’re living especially when we are living in it a lot.  

My friend.  Life can be exciting-even when it’s hard.  This is your life and I desire nothing more than for you to show up in it everyday.  Covid is here, hard situations are DEFINITELY here.  But so are YOU.  You’re here and you matter and that’s for sure something to be excited about.

I hope you have a really awesome week.  Life doesn’t have to be perfect to be wonderful.

With all my heart and soul….Rubi Z