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Sunshine and Earth Tones: Engagement session at Vazquez Rocks

Vazquez Rocks had been on my list of places I needed to explore and shoot in. There are several locations that pull photographers to go experience, and at times can seem like a turn off because of it. Yet, for me, if I’m itching to experience a location, I won’t really rest until I do. It’s as if I have to just get a taste of it for myself.

Even though I’ve spoken about the location…it doesn’t take away from the magic of what happened between Robert and Jessenia in this session. I often hear couples refer themselves as eachothers’ best friend-with Robert and Jess, I felt it. I saw it. I captured it. It felt amazing to see their comfort with one another. You had this sense that they have eachothers’ back and love to spend every second of every day with each other if possible. That’s what I call…magic…that’s what it takes to make it in the long run.

Two of the sweetest moments I’ll always remember about this session:

  1. The moment a lady was strolling on her beautiful horse, and rode the horse straight up to us allowing us to admire and pet it. So special-I’m legit obsessed with horses.
  2. The moment I’d asked Jess to jump on Robert’s back. The way they lit up and laughed with each other attracted two little older ladies in a car to stop, roll down their window, and say “I miss those moments, cherish them, because one day you won’t be able to do that. Oh I miss those moments.” It was so impactful. [see some of those captures towards the end of the collection].

I hope you enjoy a bit of sunshine, the earthy tones, on these captivating rocks with a couple who I believe will enjoy each others’ presence for the rest of their lives.