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Sunset Sand Dunes Stylish Maternity Session in Central Coast CA

If you’ve followed me on instagram than you will instantly recognize my friend, Andrea who is a photographer as well [A’Marie Photography].

I recently had the pleasure of executing a vision for her maternity session. I wanted this session to feel so much like Andrea. Andrea is so kind, she absolutely LOVES her family and has a really great connection with her husband and children. She loves warmth and sunshine. I call her my boujee friend because she loves the finer things in life, lol. She is so stylish and makes pretty much ANYTHING look amazing.

Together, we decided that the sand dunes were the perfect choice for this session. We then went into planning and deciding what was best for them to wear.

The first look was the more casual look. We wanted to create a chic casual vibe with a very soft color palette. It felt effortless and that is exactly what I hoped for. Funny story about Andrea’s outfit with this one: I found myself at Forever 21 during COVID and Andrea being pregnant and all, I just decided to facetime her because I noticed a few pieces that might work. Right then and there, I just shopped for her.

Andrea surprised me by bringing a fluffy tulle pink gown from Katharina Hakaj Couture. I’m not kidding that at first sight, I was a little apprehensive. But, I have a hard time turning down a challenge or something my clients are interested in trying so, I said…we are going to make this work! It would just require her to come ALIVE in it and move with the flow of the gown. Not even a few seconds into this segment of the shoot….my jaw DROPPED! This segment of the shoot was for sure a favorite I’ve ever photographed. She looked absolutely flawless and I think it’s just the kind of portrait any mom to be would dream of having.

Their final look and closing came with a lot of golden charm. Her rose gold Fashionnova gown was the most stunning gown for sunset portraits. The sun really picked up the glisten on her silky material and the flow of the dress was just absolutely perfect. It really gave such a deep and emotional ending. I love that the dress was very editorial and gave for a sexy sophistication. I’m certainly a sucker for a little bit of fire in a collection. The portraits with Andrea and her husband in this segment are some of my faves, it gives me all the feels!

I hope you enjoy this collection. It is full of so much style, so much connection, so much warmth, all the emotions, and epic moments [like the sunset silhouettes].

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