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Style Collaboration with Something Bridal Slo and Villa Loriana Slo

At the end of February of this year, I had the joy and privilidge of collaborating with Something Bridal Slo in Arroyo Grande CA. Reanna is the owner of Something Bridal. We connected the moment my sister bought a wedding gown from her a few years back. Since that day we just stayed in contact through social media and made plans to one day collaborate. This year we made that happen with just a small team.

I’ve been doing collaborations and styled sessions for a few years now. I approach each one with a unique perspective that is really taking everyone involved into consideration. I always like to ask myself this question when working with others…”what can I do to benefit their business?” If I ask myself this question, it becomes about making others shine and it makes me feel like I’ve done what I was supposed to do.

In this specific session, I wanted to make three key elements come together and blend beautifully: Reanna and her bridal boutique brand story, the gorgeous venue of Loriana Slo with all it’s beautiful Tuscany vibes, and the very stunning and elegant Kenneth Winston gown. There was something so magical about how this all came together because it really told a story. I couldn’t have been happier with the outcome of this session. It was so romantic, sophisticated, and a little bit sultry. I hope you enjoy this collaboration, and I’ve linked a really cool video of this session at the end of the blog, check it out and please give it some love by liking and sharing!

The getting ready process and a few captures of the stylists involved:

The session at Villa Loriana Slo:

Photographer + Director: Rubi Z

Hair Stylist: Christian Castenada

Makeup Artist: The Queen Bees

Bridal Boutique + Director: Something Bridal Slo

Wedding Gown: Kenneth Winston

Hair Accessory: Amour Jewelry

Model: Samantha Josette

Venue: Villa Loriana Slo