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Secret Proposal in Torrey Pines San Diego California

It’s been so crazy right now with all the Corona Virus going on. I’ve been running into so many situations where people are wondering whether or not to postpone their proposals. Flights canceled, can’t travel, the mood is different. Some have adjusted quickly and have decided a simpler, yet well thought out plan vs their original, and some are still sticking to their original plans just waiting for this to hopefully fade quickly.

Yesterday was National Proposal Day and I’ve had this gorgeous and heartfelt proposal on hold so I could release it yesterday, and if there ever was “quarantine brain” I think I have it because I totally forgot to tweek and release! So, here we are.

I want to go back to this moment where my sister in law was proposed to. One of the sweetest moments I’ve ever been able to be a part of. Rueben, her fiance had been working on this proposal for WEEKS. Dates and situations kept changing and he kept staying diligent to assure the he was going to give Crystal the best proposal he possibly could. He knows Crystal so well and he listened to her best friend Carol who gave him all the tips pertaining to what Crystal said she’d dreamed of for a proposal…and let me tell you…HE DELIVERED!

Carol [videographer] and I arrived early to set up the gorgeous macrame piece from Roots Co Macrame and added all of the floral details and candles that Rueben purchased. It was the most beautiful overcast day and then right on time there was this most radiant light of sunshine that pierced through the clouds. It felt…like a touch of heaven. There was a moment that even Carol said the words… “The Lord APPROVES!” It made total sense to me because it really did feel like God was just there.

So…here we are guys. I hope that in the midst of all the chaos happening around us, you smile remembering that love is a powerful thing!

Rueben and Crystal, congratulations on this special moment and all the ones to come! May we always remember that…The Lord approves! With all my heart and soul…your sister and photographer…Rubi Z

Carol Martinez composed the most beautiful highlight video of Ruebe and Crystal’s proposal.