Your Wedding

You've dreamed of it since you were young haven't you?  You've probably imagined what you'd wear, where it would take place, what florals would have to be a part of the overall design.  Then they walk into your world, steal your heart, and change your destiny for the better and you combine your dream wedding with your dream soulmate and...chills.  You see it clearly don't you, the way mom will feel fluffing your dress, the way dad will secretly wipe away his tears, the way the one person you've been waiting for will anxiously wait to see you for the first time on your wedding day.  The day you've dreamed of all of your life.

i will be present.
feeling every moment with you.
capturing it all so you never forget it.







Packages and a la carte items are offered.  Let's find out what your needs are and see if we can meet them.  Reach out on the "connect" page for extended pricing.


 STARTS AT $1600

I'm all about making sure that we have a great connection. So if you're interested in working with a photographer who feels just as invested in your day as you.  Someone who prepares to understand all of the elements that matter to you most.  And if you value the art of photography as much as I do...then we just may be the perfect fit.  
I'm not eager to fill my year with
weddings because
I like to make sure I'm giving my best to my clients and my family.
I limit my bookings for a unique experience.
It is best to try to book your date
as soon as you feel ready. 
With a signing of an agreement and a 30% retainer it seals your date!

how do we go about booking you?

Yes!  As mentioned before, I love to travel to insane locations, not because of the travel, but because of the way those types of destinations make people feel.  The feeling therefore creating images that capture people truly LIVING!
How does travel expense work? You would usually pay for the package and be required to pay an additional travel expense to any location/country outside of the
California "Rubi Z Home" list.
"Rubi Z Home" list.  This simply means no additional travel expenses are required on a 6-8 hour wedding day.  This includes the following cities in CA: Bakersfield,
Los Angeles, San Francisco, Santa Barbara,
San Luis Obispo.

do you travel?

I like walking into your getting ready space.  Smiling and hugging your mother even though it's the first time I've met her.  I enjoy making people feel warm and loved and will make sure that your day is about you.
I know how to be authoritative when it's time to coordinate a big group but I'll always do it with kindness in my heart and a smile on my face.
You will hardly ever see me putting my camera down-why? Because I believe the magic is in the in between moments. 
When no one thinks I'm taking a photo. 
I value the private moment that I have with my couples during their portrait session.  It is my favorite part.  It allows all of my couples to enjoy a moment together and to have plenty of amazing wedding portraits in the end. 
I always love a good mix of motion, emotional, and editorial style photographs and most of your collection will consist of this mixture.

It is pretty safe to say that if your dress touches the ground in any kind of way, your dress is sure to get dirty.  I am a photographer who focuses on moments that feel real and genuine, if your focus is on making sure your dress stays clean you may miss the carefree vibe of wedding day portraits you ultimately long for.  Getting your dress dirty is inevitable, and in the end of the day, I think you'll want to focus more on how you felt on your wedding day and not if your dress got dirty.


Will my dress
get dirty?

I enjoy capturing couples most!  At the beginning of my career, I captured everything, and I still capture a variety of types, but my insane passion for couples
grew stronger year after year.
I love to photograph couples who value the intimate moments, I especially love when they leave room in a timeline to really feel the moments and not just fly through them.
Finally-I love couples who allow me to think outside of the box and love to go to insane locations.  To me it's not about the "traveling" that excites me.  It's the way a certain location or destination makes people come alive.  I love when people come alive from the inside.

who do you enjoy shooting?

I became a photographer the same day I became a mother.  I obsessively picked up a small point and shoot camera every moment my firstborn would move.  I'd never laid eyes on anyone more beautiful in my life.
It went from a thought of "what can I do to stay home with this child full time and bring in a little bit of extra cash on the side" to discovering a part of myself I never expected to find.  Photography feels like home.  All of it-the madness and fun that comes from photographing a full wedding day; to the sincere connections that I get to make with people; to exploring and challenging myself creatively day in and day out.  Eleven years into this journey and I wouldn't have it any other way.

how did you become a photographer?


there are a lot of wonderful vendors, these are vendors I have had the joy of working with and feel you will love!



music entertainment


baked goods

makeup artists







Desert Child Events

White Oak Florists /

Lonely Avenue /

Matinae Design Studio

GhilaDolci Bakery /


Cecilia Criner 

Lovella /

SloPhotoBus /

Cafe Smitten

Roots Co.


Something Bridal


Franco Baked

Donald + Glenn

Katie Noonan