I am Rubi Z

I feel like I've been given the gift to walk into a space, have people in front of my camera, and almost instantly know them.  I'm constantly overwhelmed with gratitude that people would open up their lives and hearts and expose the most intimate moments so that I can freeze them forever.  I'll say it time and time again... I'm fascinated by life and capturing the life of others is such a beautiful privilege.

I knew weddings were for me, the moment I realized that it was a combination of all the things I like!  Style, dancing, coordinating, socializing, emotional connections, theatre
[yes, because I visualize your wedding day like the greatest story ever told].
It's been a few years now where I've shifted into capturing moments that feel more genuine and natural-but I do believe in coaching my clients for the best results.  My coaching involves a lot of movement-
I've found that I get the most genuine expressions if I have my clients move frequently. I'd be so happy to be your photographer.  You can find MORE INFORMATION on my approach to photography

Some non-sense stuff. 
Music moves me to my core!
I impress my husband by my ability to know lyrics to some of the most random songs-
just don't ask me who sings it because I probably won't know. Lol.
Coffee...if you follow me on instagram, this is not shocking at all. 
I love iced americano's and visiting cute coffee shops wherever I go.  
I love shows like The Voice and America's Next Top Model.
My favorite movies: The Devil Wears Prada, Sweet Home Alabama,
and I'm likely to say that a lot of other movies are my favorite movies.
I'm an ENFP and a Type 8 if you're into personality test stuff...pretty accurate.

I am one of SEVEN kids and my mother is a single parent who did an incredible job raising us!  My mom is my hero, one of my biggest inspirations.  She's taught me how to never give up, how to beat all odds, how to run a business and love my family simultaneously.
I am a wife to Jimmy Z., a very understanding and supportive man who has always been my biggest fan.  Together we support each others dreams and raise our 3 kiddos. We believe in the power of the presence of both parents in the home and also believe in pursing our dreams.  So we work hard at both-our goals and our home life.

life is fascinating.
to capture it- 
is a gift.

i like a cinematic approach to photography. capturing emotion in motion.

we're pursuing dreams
and raising our kids.