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Photography Tips: Capture photos that feel authentic

One of the most asked questions I get from other photographers is HOW DO YOU MAKE PEOPLE FEEL SO COMFORTABLE in a photo?
Want to know the biggest secret to a successful outcome in photos that feel organic [even when your couples aren’t comfortable all of the time]?….


  1. Physically move your body. Try to move around in different ways and different angles. Try to either mimic to them the type of body language you want them to do or if they’re already doing it, make yourself move and feel that body language. If you want a peaceful still capture, get peaceful and still yourself. If you want a vibrant photo where it feels like they are celebrating and partying…get in there and dance behind the camera.
  2. Emotionally connect. Try to have an understanding of the type of emotion you want to convey and then express that to your couples. Do you want a power shot? Use powerful terms or name some powerful people that you want them to mimic the vibes of. Do you want some romance, something sultry? Tell them that that’s what you’re going for and then coach that outcome. I use terms like, “get really close, like you’re going to kiss, but don’t kiss.” Try letting them hold that for just a few seconds and [fire].
  3. Focus on the DETAILS without it being a distraction. The details matter to the message you’re conveying. So focus on them without them being a distraction. I feel the biggest mistake that photographers make is focusing too much on the details that it becomes what the couple focuses on and then you loose what matters most…the connection. These details should be instructed quickly and subtly but they do matter. Sometimes where the hand is placed can make or break the photo. For example: going from a hand hugging the other person to…place that right hand behind his neck and slowly caress him as you look at him-it changes EVERYTHING. So pay attention but don’t let it become a distraction because it’ll turn stiff really quick. Move on and always have those details add motion.

Behind the scenes captures by: A’Marie Photography