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Mama Mia Vibes at this charming and quaint Cambria CA wedding

So why Mama Mia? I met with Kate at our vision meeting for wedding day. During that meeting there were little clues and things that really got my wheels turning. Kate reminded me so much of Meryl Streep’s character on Mama Mia. This vibrant, larger than life, felt like she would burst into a song at any minute [which she did admit to being the kind of girl to quote movies and belt out songs for fun]. From this, some of the things she was telling me about the vibe of her wedding and the characteristics of her friends just lead me to continue thinking about the movie Mama Mia.

I drew mental and creative inspirations from the movie. I watched it a few times before the wedding. I listened to the music the whole week of the wedding and the day of. No I didn’t take it literally or anything-just drew a few inspirations from it. Such as -the laughter, the coastal vibes, the emotional sense, the flirty connections, the romance vibe the movie brings, the car etc.

I want to share elements of Reese and Kate’s wedding that just moved me: The incredibly fun and enthusiastic group of friends Kate had that made everything certainly feel like you were in a musical-still can’t get over the moment I had them dress Kate in the mustang [or pretend to at least]-it was classic. The moment that Kate shed a few tears in the car before the wedding and how here mom came to give her the best mom chat I’ve ever heard on a day of the wedding [side note: I struggled so much with whether or not to capture this moment because it was so so intimate-I went for it because it was too special not to]. The way it felt blissful on the cliffside ceremony with just a few intimate guests and how Kate quoted my all time favorite movie line to Reese “ou think I’m gorgeous… You want to kiss me… You want to hug me… You want to love me… You want to smooch me… You want to hug me.” -Ms Congeniality. When I photographed one of the most epic sunset portrait sessions I’ve ever photographed thus far…Kate looked smokin’ in her dress, Reese looked like a total stud….adding that car with that golden fiery sun=epic. Finally…Robin’s, their wedding venue seriously had some italian charm which made me again feel like I was in a movie scene of the most intimate and perfect wedding celebration. They had incredible food and Kate ENJOYED her wedding night…I mean…that girl knows how to partyyyyy!

I loved every moment of this day with Reese and Kate. They are a power couple, so full of life! I hope you enjoy this collection as much as I did creating it! If you’re a mama mia fan, maybe you’ll catch the vibe.

Ceremony Venue: Cliffside of Moonstone Beach/Leffingwell Landing

Reception Venue: Robin’s Restaurant

Hairstylist: Jamie Chai

Makeup Artist: Bellizzimo Beauty

Bridal Gown: Allure Bridals

Gown boutique: A Heart’s Desire

Rentals: Got You Cover’D

DJ: Alex Hernandez

Videographer: Jasen Tapia

Designer/Coordinator: Lisa Scott [Kate’s Mom]

Florist: Cambria Nursery Florist