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Life at Home [Corona Virus]: Week 4

If you’re just beginning to read this series, you can see the start of the series HERE.

I’m going to start by sharing these posts that really hit home for me this week. I’ve been so grateful for the essential workers who are still having to show up so that we can have food, necessities and health this season. Praying for each one of them and doing our part to stay home during this season in hopes that we can move forward soon.

Going to the grocery store has never felt more nerve wrecking. I legit felt like I was going to have some kind of panic attack while shopping. I don’t even know why. I just really felt overwhelmed by it all.

My mom has been quarantined for longer than any of us. As soon as we had word of the virus spread we did our best to make sure that she would stay protected. She was really on my heart this week and I had to find a way to make it feel like we are still together. One of my moms’ way of loving all of us kids is by feeding us. I figured it would be neat for her and I to cook empanadas, since it was national empanada day on Wednesday this week. So, I purchased all the supplies, dropped them off to her on her doorstep and I kept supply for myself. We jumped on a facetime call and we cooked together and then distributed the empanadas to all my siblings that live in town via porch side drop offs. It made my mom happy and it made me happy that she was happy…and….I know how to make empanadas now! HEYyyyyyyy.

Another fun, and wild thing I did this week. A FACETIME PHOTOSHOOT! Yes, you heard that right. I will be sharing a lot more on that in an upcoming blog.

Being that it’s Easter week….things felt….off. I don’t know. It was still very busy. I guess just trying to keep the kids busy and all. We did a lot together this week. Jimmy and I stayed up really late yesterday just prepping the baskets for our kids. It was so awesome to be together today, but still so strange. About early afternoon-I was losing it inside. I missed my family. This would be the day that we would all be at my moms house, together. It was hard and sad. I decided to take a drive and capture my family while in my car. It lifted my spirit just a little knowing that I saw them. I know these moments will serve as memories and stories we will all look back on. Ended the evening in a very content and satisfying way. Sunset, thoughts of God’s faithfulness and goodness, coffee, and facetime with more family. All together….life is as good as it could be right now.

What I want to remember about this week: He has risen, therefore, we can rise. I’m grateful for everything the Lord is, and everything He has done. I put my trust and hope in him. In every season, and through everything…he is good.

What I want to remember about this moment: Even though this is not a perfect photo. I felt this moment in the depths of my soul. There was so much pain of missing my family, but somehow the sunset, thinking of God’s goodness, being with my husband and kids-felt like HOPE. That’s all we can cling to right now. Hope that the sun will rise and life will go again. I also felt, contentment in the present of what is, and peace to walk it through.