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Instagram Challenge : Photograph a Tractor

Why this challenge? I often take the time to challenge myself creatively, giving myself random projects to photograph and then creating an idea around it. This is so important to me because it gives me practice to then implement these, sort of, radical approaches to my wedding day shoots with my actual clients.

I wanted to go a different approach with this challenge by asking my instagram audience in stories [@rubizphoto] to come up with a random object or idea that I should photograph. Through a short and quick process, I moved forward with the challenge to photograph a TRACTOR!

Why did I choose this route? I feel like it was the trickiest from the two finalist. It was the most challenging and unconventional which allowed me to be a bit more creative. How could I make a tractor look interesting…and then the brainstorming began.

I literally took the evening prior to contact a few people and get a concept together and then it was birthed…a bridal gown shoot with a model. She would have the essence of a western boho chic vibe. I loved this concept and idea so much with the connection of the tractor because I still wanted the tractor to shine but I wanted our model to feel connected to the story of a country chic bride. It was also so suiting that I live in Bakersfield California which has really strong agricultural roots. It sort of felt like I was giving this aspect of my town some love.

Stylists Salina and Samantha [@salinamariemua] [@styledby_samantha] styling our Tractor Challenge model Vanessa.

I wanted to arrive on the premises of the tractor area closer to sunset so I allowed myself enough time for my subject to warm up to being in front of my camera. Vanessa was amazing, bringing excitement and energy from the start to the very finish! She was enthusiastic about being present and that’s all I could ever desire. I wanted elements in the collection that tied into the feeling of the country life. I found locations that felt suiting and it feels like a story to me.

Without further or do….THE ACTUAL TRACTOR CHALLENGE. Here are the results. It was astonishing for me during my scouting hour to find a location that had a WHITE TRACTOR. It didn’t really draw me at the moment as much as it did when we arrived to shoot. It captivated me and I knew that it would shine. As many have described it, it feels like a country version of a white horse carriage.

A little tip: ASK FOR PERMISSION. While scouting, I was looking for someone on the premises to ask for permission to use this location and tractor items. I couldn’t locate anyone and thought maybe when I get back I could find someone, and nothing. Due to a short time frame of execution, I moved forward. Long story short, I was later confronted by the owners in which we got it all straightened away and they were BEYOND GRACIOUS. But….I’ll rethink this a lot harder before moving forward on a property I don’t have permission to shoot on. Just a little tip of courtesy.

Thank you to everyone who played along on challenging me on Instagram. A special shout out to follower @swayy____ for being the first to initiate the tractor idea. She said she believes she was listening to country music and it triggered the thought and idea.


Model: Vanessa

Bridal Gown Boutique: Ladies and Gents

Bridal Gown Designer: Wilderly Bride

MUA: Salina Martinez

Hair STylist: Samantha Lucero

BTS Youtube Video: Joey Castillo

Assistant: Liz Vazquez

Check out this behind the scenes video for creating this Tractor Challenge collection by Joey Castillo.