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Home in Arizona: John + Alejandro’s Wedding

I don’t even know what I loved most about Arizona, the incredible breathtaking sunsets or the way that John and Alejandro welcomed me. It would appear at first that they would be that way because I’m family, but it’s not so, they would’ve treated any photographer like a million bucks.

Approach: I arrived a night before to the Airbnb where the wedding would be hosted so that I could do a quick walk through. I was accompanied by my mother who was there to cut John and Alejandro’s hair [that was a moment in itself]. Instantly I started to connect the dots on what my approach would be for their wedding portraits the next day. There were so many elements of home. The country feeling, which is so true to John’s love for country, the horses on the property, the adobe homes I saw near and around the ranch property where they were getting married and of course…the roads that paved a way straight into the blazing beautiful signature Arizona sunset. All of the elements coming together to tell a story of HOME in Arizona. Especially since Arizona is home to John and Alejandro.

Wedding in an Airbnb. I thought this was brilliant. Hosting their wedding in an Airbnb allowed them to keep things very intimate while also having a place to house their close relatives that traveled. It felt personal and warm. It truly opened my eyes to wedding venue possibilities! Tip: if you’re looking to have an intimate wedding, look at some airbnb’s that may have a spectacular view and may allow for an intimate wedding.

John and Alejandro shared a beautiful first look in cactus fields, and my goodness, cactus fields are just stunning and everywhere in Arizona. It took my breath away really. My favorite moment had to be when we were near the horse at sunset. Waiting for it to position exactly where I wanted, where the horse’s neck would arch up high enough that John and Alejandro would be at a view from a distance.

I’ll never forget this day and how it was just so warm and so special for John and Alejandro, I’ll never forget my trip to Arizona, which you can read/see HERE. I hope you enjoy a glimpse of J+A’s day…it felt so much like home, Arizona now has a special place in my heart.

John + Alejandro. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of such a beautiful day. Thank you for welcoming me and trusting me. I had the most amazing time with you guys and it was a blast celebrating at night. I wish you all the happiness in the world. With all my heart and soul…Rubi Z