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Have you lost your Mojo? Motivation tanking.

Covid…it is taking a toll on the world. It is taking a toll on our life. It is for sure affecting our mojo and our motivation. As entrepreneurs, there are a lot of question marks hanging over our heads. What now? What next? Therefore, so many of us…frozen. How can we be motivated when we don’t know what to be motivated for. Work stopped flowing and so now, what are we working for?

Motivation should not be circumstantial.

If you base your motivation on circumstances, then you allow a roller coaster affect on your life.

Motivation should not be based on a feeling.

You are not always going to “feel” inspired. You’re not always going to feel like working. You’re not always going to feel excited. If you continue to wait for when you feel like doing something…you’ll be less and less active. Making you less and less motivated.

Motivation is a result of a decision.

Wake up every day with intention. No matter what it is, big or small. Root for yourself. Get the small tasks done. I heard Rachel Hollis once say something that hit home for me…she built trust with HERSELF. By setting a small goal or intention and then actually doing the thing we say we are going to do-builds trust within ourselves. We start trusting ourselves to do the small things and then that little trust turns into trusting ourselves to do the bigger things.

It is in the waking up, it is in the decision making, it is in the dedication, it is in the mundane, it is there….in all those little things….all those little promises that we find MOTIVATION.