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Friends in SLO places

Downtown San Luis Obispo. Girls Day Out with Maria, Bianca, and Kerry.

If you’ve got friends that care about you, friends that want to see you grow and succeed, friends who call you out when you need it….HOLD ON TO THEM!

A lot has happened with Covid on the rise. We’ve all been challenged to examine our lives and our next steps and because of it, a lot has changed. My past wedding client Bianca [you can see her and Dan’s wedding HERE] reached out to me desiring to capture this crazy season with her friends. She was moving and that meant she’d be further away from them then she’s used to. She simply wanted to honor this friendship that she’s built so they could remember the times they’ve built together. I couldn’t have been more thrilled to receive this call.

After discussing a few things with them as to what they desired…we aimed to create a collection that shared their bond while also just shared their individual personalities. These ladies are tough, they are powerful and they are go getters and I felt honored to be amongst them for the day.

The Kinney Hotel in San Luis Obispo CA

Downtown San Luis Obispo CA

Totally off subject, but I just had to share…these ladies put together the most epic gift basket I’ve ever received. I couldn’t believe how much they nailed this gift basket, it wasn’t necessarily about the gifts, but that I felt like I was receiving a gift from someone who has known me for a very long time! I felt so grateful. Being there with them in San Luis Obispo, just felt like a GIRLS DAY OUT that I got to be a part of. I felt like one of them, a friend, the kind of friend that takes the photos, lol! I hope you enjoyed this collection. I hope it makes you smile and it reminds you to hold on to your friends!

It’s not as common to take portraits as friends when you’re adults, I believe it’s so empowering. If you want to share with your friends and encourage them to have a day out and get photographed….do it!

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