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Floral Design Tips from a Photographer

Taking a moment to celebrate the fact that it’s national Floral Design day by sharing a few tips about florals from my perspective as a photographer.

I find it interesting that floral design was what I for sure skimped out on my wedding, and here I am, now as a photographer, cringing when others do the same. If it excuses me at all, I got married 14 years ago and things have for sure changed! Honestly, that’s not an excuse, florals are timeless, they mattered then too…it just seemed to expensive and honestly, pointless.

Blazeny Wedding Designers created such beautiful florals here for a vibrant styled shoot.

I am now eleven years into being a wedding photographer and in my perspective…florals matter…LIKE A LOT. The colors, the choices-somehow I can actually see my couples in florals. It sounds so strange but it is true. They truly have a way of making the space unique. Then it got even more certain for me after my sister’s wedding when I realized how much she loved her florals and raved about the experience she had with Jamie with White Oak Florist.

I know I’m not a florist but I’ll share a few tips on my perspective as a wedding photographer and wedding vendor :
1. Florists love when you give them creative freedom. Bring your important must have’s and then let them take it to another level-it’ll be beyond what you expected and they will have so much fun creating something unique for you just because you didn’t limit them or try to control it.
2. Color. Adding some kind of pop of color is always so much more interesting in photos.
3. Detail -add a personal touch or something unique to the handle area -such as an incredible macrame wrap from Roots Co Macrame or something sentimental [meaningful pendant, your something borrowed clip].

Floral designers in these photos : @whiteoaksflorist @tqwdesigns @_blazeny_ @make_it_happen_events