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Family Lifestyle Blogger : Beach Portrait Session in San Francisco

Word of Covid had already spread through California in SF and LA, yet it hadn’t hit hard until literally a week after I did this shoot. This would have been my final shoot I shot in SF before our Shelter in Home rule.

I believe that I’m soaking in these moments of Nicole and her beautiful family. I want to remember this feeling. It felt so present, so fresh, so vibrant, so happy…just so real. I’m staying hopeful through these that days at the beaches with all of this freedom and joy are coming back really soon.

I hope you enjoy this little piece of her collection where we went to their “happy place.” A beach just within walking distance from their home in San Francisco. It was a beautiful beach-almost felt secluded just for them. We danced in the water, ran around a bit, and they flew their kite. Things they love to naturally do together. This was the day time, at this time, Nicole not really knowing that Koby would be proposing to her later that day [the proposal blog will be coming soon-stay tuned].

Enjoy some fun through these images, hold on to this hope that we will find this kind of joy with our families, out and about-again-hopefully really soon!