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Expressive Intimate Outdoor Family Portraits for a Photographer in the Central Coast

I’ve been in a position several times as a photographer where I’ve craved the memories with my kids the way that I create for others. I constantly photograph my kids and my husband and at times just feel like I wish I had more captured expressive intimate moments with my kids as well.

I felt Ashley to my core when she reached out to me. Ashley is a central coast photographer…a really really great one! You can find her page here at Ashley Page Photography. Her work just captivates me and it was a pleasure to hear that she’d wanted me to capture moments for her. She’d expressed the need to finalize her wall and make it feel personal and special in her dining room area. She sent me a photo of the frame display and it just made me so excited to know that she had intention on where to put these beautiful memories.

Ashley and I started to brainstorm on what would be the right type of session for her and her family. Most importantly she wanted something that felt connective and real, not forced or staged. This is one hundred percent up my alley and simply because I understood her heart, I was already there!

The day just couldn’t have been more divine! We started in this moody area in Morro Bay CA giving us some really great PNW vibes and then as we were headed on the road towards another location in San Luis Obispo…the skies parted and off to the side of the road was this magical location. Literally a gate in the middle of the field, a road leading to nowhere it seemed, the most epic and dramatic skies and the most sun kissed tones. We were driving separate cars so I called her immediately and shared that we would be making an unexpected detour to that side of the road and ironically enough she’d just voiced to her husband how she wished would could pull over and shoot there. We were on the same page, seeing the way photographers see and feeling the space! It was absolutely perfect.

I’m so excited for you to see this heartwarming collection full of so much family love and expression. I hope it moves you the way that it moved me!

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