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Engagement Portraits: Quaint Cambria CA to Sultry Moonstone Beach to Romantic Pismo Sand Dunes

My first session post quarantine.

It had been a LONG TIME WAITING. I had built up so much anticipation for this shoot and we’d planned everything and had to reschedule, not once, but twice. Once due to covid, second time around due to me hurting my knee! Yet when time finally arrived for us to be together experiencing this moment…it was PERFECT.

I struggled a little with my thoughts on the drive there. I wondered things like “This is their first time meeting me in person, will I be able to give them the same comfort I’ve given other clients-wearing a mask and these gloves?” “Will I be able to deliver the same quality with my knee still in limbo?” Then I met them, and I had to resist the first initial tight hug I give all my clients…and then we started to shoot…and then I forgot about my mask and my gloves, and even my knee. I’m so grateful for these two who looked passed all of the things and still showed up enthusiastically and ready for their shoot. We had THE BEST TIME! My heart was singing since it’d been about a month and a half without being able to shoot.

I hope you enjoy all the magic we had together from a shiny bright afternoon in the quaint little downtown of Cambria Ca, to the sultry rocky beach vibe of Moonstone Beach CA, all the way until sunset where we caught all the romantic fire in the Pismo Sand Dunes transporting us straight to Cancun Mexico.

Quaint Cambria California: The goal of this part of this session was to bring in the vibe of how much these two love to hang out together. They enjoy spending time in wineries and Cambria just has this very quaint atmosphere with so much character. I love moments like this where I really don’t have a grand vision, except just capturing the connection between the couple around elements that they may find common. Yet, when we started to navigate the space we ran into a parking lot and literally off to the side of the parking lot was greenery and textures and colors and a small area with remnants of concrete…it was so beautiful. Their colors on their wardrobe really complimented the space and the overall feeling and it just felt so right.

You can always count on me to add a little spice to a session. LOL. But…come on…these two-they just ooze it. Sometimes I didn’t even aim for it to be so saucy, yet it was. They wanted some drama in their session…and so we went with the rocky rich and contrasty vibe of Moonstone Beach CA near Leffingwell Landing. We decided that something very sharp and glamourous would be what would make this part of the session transform into something more dramatic and sultry. I’m thrilled with how this came out. It is very fitting to the power couple that they are.

Why did this part of the session take me to straight to Mexico? I was transported-maybe my lack of travels due to covid really took a toll on me. I just kept hearing the song “Senorita” by Camilla Cabello and Shawn Mendes. It was like the Pismo Beach Sand Dunes turned into Cancun. I was HERE FOR IT! It was incredible. They were so present and so alive in this space. It was pure magic.

Well friends, with everything going on in the world today. I hope that you found a little joy in this collection. It has brought me so much sunshine and so much passion to even process it and get it out to you! Stay safe, stay sane and stay present in the moments that matter most!

With all my heart and soul…Rubi Z