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Changing my Business name: from Rubi Z Photo to Charizma Co.

Brand and Design by Leslie Vega Design
I can hardly believe it myself.
A few weeks ago, I hired Leslie Vega as my new brand/web designer-peep the little tiny glimpse of my new brand identity up top.  Along the way as we spoke about a lot of what the future looked like, I realized it looked DIFFERENT!

About 2 and a half years ago, I was processing a lot of dreams.  In the midst of dreaming…I received a name.  Just downloaded from heaven [literally felt that way].  When I heard the name, I felt so connected to it.  With the name came visions and dreams.  

I bought the domain to that name the moment I heard it and after talking a few things out with my designer…I realized it was time.  

Rubi Z [Photo/Photography etc] limits me.  It limits me that I’m only one thing, a photographer, and that looks different now.  Although the core of so much of what I do is photography, there are more elements to what I do and what I want to expand on doing.  Rubi Z Photo also only limits it to ME and a big dream of mine is to work with others.  I desire nothing more than to work with a team of other creatives and this new name/vision will allow that.


Charizma is a play on the word charisma.

It’s interesting because Charizma was downloaded to my heart.  Even though I’ve had this name for over two years, I never looked at the meaning of “charisma” until my Web Designer Leslie Vega sent it over to me.  When I read it-it just felt like it confirmed all of the things that Charizma Co. meant to me.

1. compelling attractiveness or charm that can inspire devotion in others.
2. a divinely conferred power or talent.


Although I am Rubi Z and nothing changes that aspect, I want my business name to be more than me.  I want it to include others and I want it to be about others!

Here are just a few details about what Charizma Co will do.
1. Charizma Co specializes in BRAND Content Creating for entrepreneurs.
2. Charizma Co specializes in creating incredible INTIMATE experiences for couples and their loved ones.
3. Charizma Co specializes in compelling photography for the artisan soul. 

I have so much more to share as I navigate this journey in the next couples of months week by week unfolding and shifting into a new direction.  I really am feeling so blessed by this incredible community and all of the love and support that you’ve all shown me.  I have the most amazing clients who are always so supportive.  

Thank you for joining me on my ride to a new chapter.  Where I close a door to a home I’ve lived in for 12 years, and open the door to a new home that I’ve dreamed of.  A bigger one that occupies enough space for OTHERS!

With every bit of my heart and soul…I appreciate you…Rubi Z


My Shop! I’m working hard behind the scenes to prep all of the items for my shop release. While Leslie is also working on the shop design itself. I’m really excited to finally have this space online where I get to share some of my favorite things. I made things official today to work with Seth, he’s a leather craftsman/artisan from Florida and we are working together to design my own camera bag line! I can’t wait for all of these elements. I aim to bring an online shop with pieces that would ignite and inspire other artists around the world.

Please send me a note of some form if you want to talk about any of this with me. I love to be in real communication with people and to have a conversation. I would love to know any questions you have or simply feel the love and support on the other side of this blog. Thank you once again!