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Cass [Class of 2019]

Years back I met Cassidy and her family when I captured them in the almond orchards. Instantly I fell in love with this beautiful family and in return felt the love from them!

I honestly feel so young and never even realize I am aging until my clients start graduating and getting married when they were just young little ladies when I first met them. Now they’re young adults. Cassidy is one of them!

I’ve had the joy of capturing Cass again when she was competing in sand volleyball at CSUB [when she was in Jr High]. You can see a photo of that at the end of this blog.

I had a great down in downtown Bakersfield, CA capturing Cassidy being her ultimate self. She’s gorgeous, sweet and so fun. I hope you enjoy this collection of Cass as much as I do. She’s truly a gem!

Below: Cassidy in Jr High competing in Volleyball.

We were closing up her rooftop session when I noticed the gleams in the sun hitting her and I imagined a shot that would mimic her volleyball spike approach. It was the perfect ending to that part of the session.

Note from Rubi Z:

Cassidy, I am so very proud of you. You have been a beautiful young lady since the very first time I met you and you’ve always been so loving and respectful. I can only imagine that your amazing parents play a huge role in that. I know that in this season of life you may be feeling anxious for the season to come. You may be having a TON of questions having to do with what’s next! Don’t worry yourself too much about it. Look at what’s in your hands and look at what opportunities are open in front of you. That’s as far as what you can control and see right now. Walk it out! Just step into it and start walking through it, step by step. Those answers…they’ll come, I promise. Congratulations beautiful! I hope that I get to continue to celebrate life’s greatest moments with you. With all my heart and soul….Rubi Z.