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Career Day…

How crazy this moment was for me. Me, the person who didn’t graduate college. To stand before middle school kids inspiring them to dream bigger and to live a life they desire! Me…who at their age had already identified myself as “not smart.” [read more about that on my blog: “Omg…You’re a Genius!”

Some of those kids in there have been dealt a bad hand. I wanted to share with them that they had the power and ability to change their future by CREATING IT. I shared my journey of how I sought opportunities and created something for myself. I also wanted to share with them that although I didn’t have a college degree….I had a career that I loved and thrived in!

I left them with two key principles that I’ve used along the way to GROW:

  1. Make a promise to yourself everyday and DON’T BREAK THE PROMISE: Start small. Every night, write an intention for the next day. ONE, not 10! By writing this intention and walking out your intention…you start to trust yourself. Then you start making bigger promises and you start to trust that you will follow through. This pattern of following through creates opportunities you wouldn’t imagine. YOU ARE SHOWING UP!
  2. Never underestimate the power of “CAN YOU HELP ME?”: I shared with them that there were key moments in my life where I was outgrowing myself. I had two choices at that moment in various moments of my career to either QUIT because I’d caped off and it was too hard or FIND HELP and GROW! Every time, I chose growth- but every-time it required me seeking someone out for help.

Let me share my own specific turning points.

  1. 2014-I met Kai Khoy. He was an answered prayer. I needed to grow in my photography technique. He came alongside of me and helped me grow. Because of Kai, my business took a shift.
  2. 2015-I met Tora. I needed someone to work closely with me. To help me stay on track. To assist me on shoots. Help me with my clients. She’s amazing and I’m still working with her til this day. Because of Tora, my business took a shift. [Read more about this on my blog “Should I hire an Assistant”
  3. 2016-I met Jasmine Star. I attended a workshop [you can see more on my blog “A Time for Everything”]. I wanted a new mindset. I needed to take my photography from a hobby to a business. Because of Jasmine Star and this workshop, my business took a shift.
  4. 2017- I met Jordan Voth. THE JORDAN VOTH! At this point in my career I wanted to be taken seriously. I wanted my work to be distinct. I wanted to be an artist, not just a photographer. I sought out Jordan Voth for a one on one mentorship session. Flew to Seattle for it. You can read more on my blog “Mentorship with Jordan Voth.”
  5. 2018- I met Rubi Z. This was the year that I started to finally become the entrepreneur, artist, person I felt I was designed to be.

I’m feeling so grateful for these moments of reflection. I hope that at least one of those kids will walk away with a SHIFTED mindset because I shared my own story. I HOPE!