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Bakersfield Love : Postponed Wedding due to Covid 19

You know how you grow so used to your enviornment, where you live, and you kind of take it for granted…heck, even complain a little about it? That was me about Bakersfield CA, my hometown, until I met Racheal.

Can you imagine my shock when I spoke to Racheal the first time, and she told me that Bakersfield was their DREAM wedding location?! I mean, come on, they live in Los Angeles, and dream of getting married in Bakersfield [insert the minions from Despicable Me saying….WHAAAA?????]. When she went on to share some of the interesting historical facts of why Bakersfield is so special [Bakersfield Sound and so much more]…I started to see the value in what she was sharing with me about where I live.

A few events after meeting with them lead me to a new found love for this city/town that I call HOME. Bakersfield is a gem, but these two…they’re special. I have loved every moment of spending time with them. I have loved capturing them and seeing life through their eyes.

I can count all of the moments I’ve had first time conversations [aka consultations] with potential clients. They’ve all been incredible, yet I remember the day I spoke with Rachael, it was different, I got off the phone inspired. That’s crazy. Her words, the way she spoke about what she loved about my work, her dream wedding, all of it, literally pumped me up and put me on a train of creativity. It was impactful.

I’m sad to report that a day we all were looking forward to has been postponed. By this time, we would have been together, at the Kern County Museum celebrating in all the rock and roll and country fashion. A day every single one of us vendors was looking forward to. They’ve postponed their wedding due to Covid 19 Corona Virus pandemic. We are patiently waiting for next year where we get to celebrate with Brian and Rachael. For now…enjoy this collection. This part of their collection was so special. It really honored the love they have for Bakersfield and Buck Owens. It really is THEM. I’ve never imagined photographing around these buildings and this monument in Bakersfield. But…it’s so connected to who they are that it makes my heart soar.

Uggggghhhhhhh Brian and Rachael. I can not wait until next year. I’m counting down the days to everything we’ve dreamt about together. I can’t wait to experience that day with you. I hope today you feel peace and joy, in the midst of the pain. I hope you see those silver linings. My heart is with you during this time. I know how much you anticipated this day. 2021 can’t come fast enough. With all my heart and soul…Rubi Z