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An edgy and sunkissed expressive session in California

Let me tell you a little bit about Crystal and yet even after I tell you a little, it will not come close to the GRAND person that she is.

I met Crystal through instagram. She is an esthetician and runs her business so passionately. You can find her HERE. We instantly hit it off on instagram and became what I like to call “insta friends.”

I mean, you can only imagine how ecstatic I was to add her to my calendar and to know that I was going to be able to create a session that felt true to who she was. Crystal simply wanted to express herself and to be photographed in a way that felt genuine to who she was.

I had her send me a few inspirations and from then we created ideas and wardrobe concepts that would get her closest to her dream session. I believe we executed it wholeheartedly but that’s not what I really want to talk about…

I want to talk about the way I felt when photographing her and the way she in return made me feel after our shoot.

There was something about Crystal that I couldn’t get enough of through my camera. She had so much in her that I wanted to capture so much depth and soul. She is fun and vibrant and I love how spunky she is and during our first part of the shoot, we were able to draw a lot of that out of her. She’s just the kind of person I knew that I could definitely hang out with and have a blast with. Once we got into the second part of her shoot, I felt so connected to her. I felt her joy to be alive. Her gratitude to exist and to THRIVE. I felt really really overwhelmed with gratitude to be there with her living that moment through my lens, capturing that moment in her life. I felt the depths of her soul.

When I left our session I get notifications of Crystal on instagram. When I went to her stories, I was bombarded with LOVE. I can’t describe how she described working with me. Her words cut the depths of me and made me stop and thank God for the gift that He has given me to hold a tool in my hand and capture the life of others. She made me CRY. She may not even know that I screen recorded those stories so that one day when I’m doubting who I am in this photography business of mine, I can remember WHY I do what I do.

Crystal is a gem. I am happy to say that she’s become a friend. No longer just an insta friend and it is a true honor to know her!

I hope you enjoy this collection. I hope you can see the depths of Crystal’s heart and soul…because it’s a beautiful one.

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