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A unique approach to wedding portraits: San Francisco City Hall and Point Reyes

I think that Raul and Alysia were on to something. I thought it was special back then and I think it’s even more epic now, after covid hit. What am I referring to?

Raul and Alysia had a small intimate wedding celebration planned with family and friends -but they wanted a pre-wedding portrait shoot somewhere that they connected to. They have always been in love with the city of San Francisco [a couple after my own heart] and so it lead me to plan a session around the city [specifically San Francisco City Hall] and then continue the session at Point Reyes. It was such a special day with them. Just us. Side note: they spoiled the heck out of me that day!

I feel like in some ways, we are going to have to get a little creative with the way we do weddings for the next couple of months/year. So it’s great to look at different options.

When we are able to become a little more travel free-or if there’s a location within driving reach-consider taking portraits a month prior to when you schedule a celebration with family and friends. That way you have time to get the dress to the cleaners. You’ll have insanely epic photos of wherever you dream of having them, without having to spend all the money to actually host the wedding there. And then you can have a wedding celebration with family and friends with a ceremony and all [something a bit more intimate]. Sort of like a mix of a destination wedding and an intimate wedding!

Oh how I miss San Francisco and what it was when we were there last year.

I’m so happy to be reliving this session. I hope you enjoy a little bit of San Francisco City Hall and Point Reyes with Raul in the coolest suit and Alysia in her amazing ball gown! She had eyes turning everywhere in the city.