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9 Trendy ASOS Dresses a Photographer loves

I’m going to get straight to the point. I love styling my clients. It is a big part of my process and what I believe can transform the way a person feels and therefore the way they translate that feeling onto camera!

Here are some of my absolute FAVORITE looks from ASOS that I find worthy to share! I hope this helps you as you prepare for upcoming shoots. If you love one of these dresses as much as I do, I urge you to not delay, and to buy one because they won’t be around for long. Trust me, most of the ones I was drawn to are on the “selling fast” list.

***Also want to disclose that I did not take any of these photographs, they belong to Asos and their website. Also want to disclose that this is not a paid advertisement, simply a photographer sharing some perspective!

IN closing…you don’t have to have a photo shoot set up to buy the dress. If you fall in love with a dress, purchase it. Let it sit, ready, for your shoot in the near future.

I hope you loved these looks as much as I did. Let me know your thoughts, share with me here, or tag me on my INSTAGRAM page if you bought one of the dresses! I would love to know.

Have a great day guys! -Rubi Z