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3 major ways a wedding designer/ coordinator can save you

After all of these beautiful years of capturing weddings I’ve witnessed the value of hiring a professional wedding designer/coordinator. Let me also mention that there are several versions of coordinators and designers and what you actually get with each. [You can read more information on the differences HERE]. The one I highly recommend is a full on wedding designer/coordinator. If you get the right one, they will SAVE YOU: money, time, and energy.


There’s a common misconception that wedding designers/coordinators shouldn’t be hired because they cost too much $$$$$$$….but, I believe that they can actually help save you money! How? Designers/Coordinators have connections. They are just as invested at helping you create your day just as you dream of it and they know so many vendors within the industry enough to know the right ones to keep you on budget. Most of the time, because of the connections they’ve made with other vendors, they even have discounts because the vendors are so pleased with working with them. They know short cuts and ways through experience on how to create things. Some of them are so hands on that they create things themselves, saving you labor costs and additional fees. I’ve witnessed with my very own eyes that the right designer/coordinator can actually save you money!


This one right here is a big factor! Most of the time we think we have all of the time in the world to plan and execute a wedding, but in reality, we don’t. Weddings are incredibly stressful and require a lot of communication. It is fun at first, until things get confusing and start to seem a bit overwhelming, then it’s unbearable. Wedding designer/coordinators will let you be as involved with the process as you want to be but will be so happy to take things off of your hands and also be present with you to help you stay on the right path towards creating the overall dream vision. They will keep a good flow of where you’re supposed to be with everything and make sure that you’re moving at a steady pace on getting things taken care of. They will also save your family a lot of time. Your family and friends can now be emotionally present with you without having demands they would originally have. This was the greatest gift that I saw my mother receive on my sisters’ wedding-the ability to be entirely present as mother of the bride.


They will save you and those you love a bunch of energy! You will be allowed to carry good energy [the good kind of nerves and butterflies] and you won’t have to worry about the the stressful energy. You won’t know if things go wrong, you will not know if something didn’t work out. They will remain on their toes ready for every curveball thrown at them! They literally think of everything and they’re prepared for everything. This is the biggest mistake that most make. They believe that hiring a same day wedding coordinator fixes everything, but it doesn’t…why? Because a same day coordinator hasn’t built a relationship with you or the vendors. They don’t really know the overall goal, dream, or plan. They quickly try to understand what you need and how you want a timeline to go and that’s about it. A full wedding designer/coordinator comes in with the overall picture in mind. They connect all of the dots. They understand the importance of one area going wrong. They are in constant communication and working to get everything in line just in time to create everything you’ve dreamed of. They are doing the “bippity boppity boo” thing, all along, you’re just getting dressed and being present. They will save you so much energy!

Why does a photographer even care?

A photographer cares because it makes all of the difference in how everything is translated in your photographs. The design of the wedding, the timeline, the way everyone is feeling…all of it is translated into photographs. It’s real! I capture images and I zone in on feeling and emotion. I’ve been in scenarios where the brides are stressed, tense, and family is snappy and mad because they’re running around and trying to be presentable. Things are falling apart and everyone is trying to remain calm and “be present” yet they can’t. It’s impossible. Therefore, it’s impossible to give the dreamy, blissful, in the moment outcome one always desires to have on their wedding photographs.

On the flip side, majority of my weddings, I’ve been able to see what it’s like when a PROFESSIONAL designer/coordinator is hired. There’s teamwork, and ease. Even though there is stress, the bride will never know it, her family will never know it. Therefore everyone is present and feeling everything they are supposed to feel on their wedding day!

To all the amazing wedding coordinators/designers out there…you are truly noticed and loved and I hope every couple can see that hiring you would SAVE them so much!