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You’re being watched

THIS PHOTO MAKES  ME LAUGH SO HARD…….This is legit how I feel sometimes.  I get so lost that I don’t even realize people are watching.  But they are.  I thought to myself when I saw this picture, what if I would’ve snapped out of my zone of what I was so into and realized they were watching…I would’ve gotten so awkward and probably would’ve stopped or shy’d away from it…..Well…this is what happens my friends. 

Are you daring to DREAM or do something DIFFERENT? You’re being watched.  Here’s the thing, there will be people who have different opinions about what you’re doing, some positive, some negative, some that are somewhere in between…but there will be opinions. Here’s the thing, we don’t have to get awkward or shy from what we’re doing because of it.  It’s intimidating and hurtful…yes [when it’s in the negative context] but, it’s your life, your dream, your passion…don’t let anyone steal that from you. Don’t let anyone rob what you’ve worked so many years for because they have their opinion about how you’ve chosen to live your life.

To my fellow DREAMER/BELIEVER/GO-GETTER/ENTREPRENEUR ….you’re being watched, so….stay focused!