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Where rich love + rich culture meet in Joshua Tree

Undoubtably, Joshua Tree was an area that was on my “photography bucket list.”  Although several people have been there and captured beautiful work there, I was certain that it was still something that I had to go experience myself.  I told myself several times over again last year that if I didn’t book something there, I was just going to head there and shoot anyways.  Literally one day shy of the end of 2017 I was able to go to Joshua Tree and capture the most amazing couple.

I’ve always been extremely fascinated by the rich culture and beauty of Punjabi women.  Something about the culture, something about the colors and the style of their traditional garments that always fascinated me and had me anxious to capture.  Marrying the beautiful couple to this beautiful location was beyond dreamy !

Maninder and Anu were flawless.  They were effortless, really.  We roamed the grounds and every area just seemed like it was created for them.  We were so worried about what the weather would be like on a day in December in Joshua Tree.  We really didn’t know what to expect since neither of us had been there.  Anu, worried it would be too hot and I worried it would be too cold.  It was perfect.  It was on the warmer side, which is wild to me that it would still be warm in December…but I guess that’s the desert for ya!

Anyways, I’d definitely go to Joshua tree again.

Enjoy their collection.  I hope you fall in love with Maninder and Anu in Joshua Tree!