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Wedding Timeline From a Photographer to a Bride

As a photographer, I have witnessed a lot of weddings and a lot of wedding timelines.  I thought this was one of the simplest things to create, but I realized not all brides have access to a timeline flow that may work great for them.

This is not the “perfect wedding timeline.”  But it is certainly my favorite wedding flow! This is also NOT insinuating that you do not need a wedding coordinator.  My advice….HIRE A COORDINATOR, they will make all the difference on your wedding day and will create a perfect flow for you and everyone.  It will free you from worries and allow your timeline to flow beautifully and seamlessly.  I simply had to create this because I felt that there wasn’t enough resources that give you a good example of what a wedding timeline could look like and how to maximize your moments and time with your photographer.

It is important to create SPACE for magic moments to occur.  Don’t expect the magic moments when you don’t create room for them.  

So I’ve attached for you a pdf timeline.  One for “First Look” couples, and one for the more “Traditional” couple.  I have laid it out in a flow that I find most convenient for everyone.  You can use it as a guide and also to get an idea of the time frame that each section occupies.

In there I’ve also included moments you can create.  For example:

Pre-Wedding Moments: 

  • First Look (see my blog on : 5 Reasons Why First Looks are Valuable).
  • Getting Ready Portraits with Mom: If you have a close relationship with your mom, this could be a great moment.  After all…she did dress you as a little girl and this could be a sentimental moment for both of you since it’ll probably be the last moment she helps you get ready for a big event.
  • Getting Ready Portraits with MOH/Bridesmaids:  If you don’t have a close relationship with mom, getting ready portraits with MOH and bridesmaids can turn into a more fun and candid moment.
  • Reveal with Dad:  If you have a close relationship with your dad this would be a beautiful thing to do.  After you are ready, set up a special reveal with dad.  To make it even more special, prepare a little gift for him ahead of time (see if you could make dad cry!).  I had a bride create cufflinks for her dad out of a portrait of them when she was a baby…it was so special, so sweet and made for a great moment.

Sunset Photos: Please schedule time for sunset photos!

There are so many things you can do to create moments leading up to ceremony.  It can already put you in a beautiful mood and make each passing hour of your day have meaning!  The point is to be as present as possible through all of it.

xoxoxo….Rubi Z