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I bought a Jeep once. It will by far be the best purchase experience I have ever had thanks to a salesman who left an impact. He cared. I didn’t feel like another number to him. He was so full of knowledge and passion about what he was selling that he made me fall in love with it. He took time with me and my husband. So much time in fact that it felt like we were the only client. He was personable and kind. He shared a little about his family and connected with us as a family. It was the first time that I ever bought a car and thought about the impact that I would make on his and his family’s life if we were to purchase that car. I cared about him because he cared about us. It was special. He made Jeep have a great trademark in my eyes because of my experience.

I carry this with me ever since that moment. Couples don’t have to choose me. They don’t have to select me as their photographer. Out of the bazillion photographers in the world, why would they choose me?! So I believe in this so very much. I believe that making my clients feel how much I value them makes all of the difference. Because I truly do! They are not a number to me, they are people, with stories, and lives and I care! I truly care. I want them to walk away feeling like I gave my all. I’m not saying that I won’t make mistakes, because I probably will at some point during our 1-2 years of working together throughout the wedding process, but they will know that I did my best to make them feel like I valued them. I strive to make them feel the way the salesman at Jeep made me feel.

This past weekend I walked away smiling. My heart was smiling. I couldn’t stop thanking God for giving me access to such beautiful moments in peoples’ lives. The mother of the bride told me “Rubi, you made today a better day.” Those words brought me tears of gratitude. The bride continually expressed how God lead them to me and that they were beyond thrilled that I was the one to capture their day. “It was meant to be,” she said. Even a post from a beautiful makeup artist touched on the words of the way that I made others feel. This is even better to me than receiving compliments on my work.

Let’s always remember that behind every potential client are people like you and I, making tough decisions. If they choose you…work hard to make them proud that they did!