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The finish line

You didn’t come this far just to come this far did you?

Are you really going to quit now?  Right now?

After all that you’ve done to get here?

Do you think that it’s going to be easy, that last breath,

that last push to the top…to your destination?

Do you think anything good will simply get handed over to you?

Do you not think that if it were that easy everyone would

do it, everyone would do the thing they want to do.

It isn’t that easy…it’s hard…and you’re so close,

SIMPLY TOO CLOSE to quit.  Too close to drop the ball now.

Just imagine the runners that have ran several miles,

what if they ran all of that only to quit right before the finish line. 

What if they run straight up to the finish line zone simply to say, it’s too hard.  But they don’t, instead, they see the finish line and they kick it up a gear…they finish strong.  They take whatever ounce of energy that is left within them and they finish strong.  Do you see your finish line today?  Can  you imagine where you’re headed, maybe that’s the problem, that you don’t see it.  Take a few minutes and imagine yourself in your own finish line…is it finishing that paper to walk the stage, is it reading that book, is it traveling across the country, what is it?  Imagine it and then muster up whatever energy you have left to cross the finish line strong!