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Something’s on the Horizon

It’s been a few weeks now that I’ve been questioning some things. A lot of things actually. I am a person who self-evaluates, a lot. Not in a nit picky [perfectionist] type of way, but more like challenging myself to new levels of growth. Constantly. If I’m not being stretched, if things are getting too easy, then I start to evaluate.

So that’s where I’ve been. But today, I woke up with direct questions. I feel really compelled to tell you that maybe you should ask yourself the same questions I asked myself this morning.

  1. HAVE YOU TAPPED OUT? Is this the furthest that you could take your business. Have you tried everything and done everything you wanted to? Have you maxed your capacity?
  2. WHAT IS NEXT? Whatever answer you answered after self-reflecting….ask yourself, what is next? What do you need to do to grow or to shift? What’s the next level? What will it take, what will it cost?

This really helped me gain clarity today, I hope that it helps you gain clarity as well. I’m sensing something wonderful is on the horizon!