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LA to SB to Oceano [Sinoha + Joaquin Engaged]

About the Session

We planned for weeks.  This perfect session of a mix of city and desert.  I had everything set, literally, a day before we were  running through final details when I get the notice from my assistant who warned me that there was going to be a massive heat wave hitting California that weekend.  A massive heatwave and we were headed to the Imperial Sand Dunes [basically the desert]….hmm, probably not the best idea!  After a full on panic mode, I went to assuring my clients that everything was going to be OK, but we needed another plan!  And fast!

So the research began.  I began to look at ideas that would make my clients feel like they were not going to miss out on anything.  I wanted them to feel just as confident and inspired for our shoot as they were with idea and plan A!  So, to make a long story short…it all worked out!  I love going through instagram and looking at hashtags and locations and finding things until I nail the look I want.  So here it goes….a shoot that takes you from Los Angeles, CA to Santa Barbara CA, to Oceano, CA!  It was just so epic.

Downtown Los Angeles CA.  City vibe and city inspired.  The heat wave was strong and we could feel the heat bounce from the pavement.  My clients made it seem so seamless though and we had loads of fun….and I sure did run in the middle of an LA street just to capture the right perspective of them walking across a crosswalk.

Santa Barbara CA at the Knapp’s Castle was spectacular.  Again, the heat was ALMOST unbearable, and we had to hike up a bit,  but the views definitely got us through.  Every time I’ve been to Knapp’s it’s been crazy packed…not this time….only 2 construction workers on site because we were the only crazies to go up there during a heat wave!  It was worth it though.  Their style and look along with all of the elements there felt like we were in some ruins in Rome.  I’ll take it.

Oceano Dunes CA, my forever lifesaver!  I still can’t believe that dunes like this exist by the ocean.  I’ll be coming back to this spot more than once, I promise you that-I’m always in the central coast!  I’m literally obsessed.  It was the perfect icing on the cake, the perfect ending to our day.  It was surprisingly quiet.  It was warm but the ocean breeze made it feel fresh.  Walking through sand dunes with gear is no piece of cake, but again….so worth it….it’s almost even silly to bring up.  And….THE DRESS!  My beautiful client had someone custom make her dress, and boy did it make a huge statement.

This was such a beautiful and eventful shoot!  We ended it over a great conversation and delicious dinner afterwards.  Joaquin and Sinoha are just some of the most down to earth, kind people.  They make you feel like family instantly and I’m so thrilled to capture their wedding at the end of this year in Mazatlan Mexico at the beautiful Emporio Mazatlan!  So our adventures together have just begun!

About Joaquin + Sinoha

Woodshop class in 6th grade connected these two soul mates.  They had the same class together and Joaquin always helped Sinoha complete all of her woodshop projects [she still has those].  Life went on and so did they until fate brought them together at a sports bar years later-surprisingly enough, they recognized each other and from that day forward began to connect!

Sinoha says that it was Joaquin’s kind heart and charm that won her over, and of course his ability to do grand gestures!  Early on in their dating phase, Sinoha was on a trip to Cabo -and Joaquin jumped on a plane and met her there-just to prove to her that he would.  Ha!  I love this!

After a year of long distance chatting and connecting…the two finally became boyfriend and girlfriend.  Joaquin and Sinoha have been together for 3.5 years now and it was time for Joaquin to pop the big question!  He prepared the perfect intimate moment for his proposal in the garden of his father’s house.  He laid pages of her favorite book that would lead her towards the book itself in which he had placed her ring in the center of a cut out of the pages.  When Sinoha was holding the book-she wasn’t really sure why he was giving her the book because she already had it.  She said “It’s my favorite book, I already have this.”  Not having a clue what was going on, he had to force her to open it!  Of course she was overwhelmed with joy and said YES!

Here were are now, in this moment and these two will become husband and wife in December of this year!  I couldn’t be happier to have already begun to capture their memories together.  It is a joy to know them and to document these moments for them.

Here’s what they had to say about their engagement session:

“We never expected our photoshoot to be fun-we were expecting it to be “work” but we were surprised at how much fun the entire day was for us.” -Joaquin + Sinoha

“Wardrobe was really important to us.  We knew that we wanted to love the overall look so we spent time selectively choosing our wardrobe.  I would recommend any couple to take the time to select outfits well and to relax and have fun doing it.  Enjoy every moment of the process and just add this to your bucket of memories in this season together.” 

A little glimpse of behind the scenes: