Soulful photographer who thrives on style and creativity,,
always capturing motion and emotion.

Coffee is my
love language

You will most
likely always see
me with an iced
americano in my hand!

Cute coffee
shops inspire me

I'm married to this
hunk of a man

I'm a mama of 3
2 handsome mini-men
1 little beauty

My mom is
my SuperHero

Hey guys!  I am Rubi Z.

Some of my favorite people in life are my husband Jimmy who is a serious stud-muffin and also super supportive.  Together we make the best team and we dream of a life bigger than ourselves.  We take our job as parents very seriously raising our three kids.  Which leads me to my favorite little kids!  They are the reason I began this business and they continue to push me to strive for more, while also keeping me grounded as they remind me who and what I'm doing this for.  My family means the world to me and my mom is my super hero.  My mom [a single mother of 7] is the toughest person I know.  She is a woman of no excuses and she has always been an entrepreneur and a creative.

Some nonsense things that make me happy...COFFEE-a lot of it.  Funny story is that I used to hate coffee, until I discovered long hours of editing and then I consumed coffee like crazy and now I can't live without it.  Tacos...I mean-do I need to say anything else?!  Dancing and music, it brings me so much joy and can turn my mood around instantly.  Walks on the beach.  Alone time to think.  Watching movies with my family and going on trips.

I always knew that I'd end up doing some kind of art in my life. At one point I pursued theatre, fashion design and even received my license in the beauty industry.  Artistry is in my bones and entrepreneurship is something I discovered along the way because it's inevitable, you need a lot of skill sets to run a business.

Photography has challenged me like no other creative art has before. It pushed me to explore and grow year after year.
 What I did not expect to discover in photography was a deep connection and amazing relationships with my clients. I love that photography has given me the gift to express in several aspects. I get to express artistically and visually but also emotionally with words and thought. It gives me a platform to love people well and share their stories while also sharing mine.  

I find it crazy that I am still so enthusiastic about pursuing my art in photography. It only makes me excited to see what the future holds. Thank you for taking the time to appreciate something I pour my heart and soul into. Rubi Z

Photography has given me a voice and I'm so grateful for it.