About Me




hi friends! Welcome...stay a while.           






Soulful photographer who thrives on style and creativity,,
always capturing motion and emotion.

Coffee is my
love language

You will most
likely always see
me with an iced
americano in my hand!

Cute coffee
shops inspire me

I'm married to this
hunk of a man

I'm a mama of 3
2 handsome mini-men
1 little beauty

My mom is
my SuperHero

Hello I'm rubi z

Wife to Jimmy Z and a mother to our three beautiful children. You will always find me sipping on cold brew, living life with people I love, having a deep conversation, or working hard.

I am very ambitious because I have a mother who taught me to never give up easily and to never take no for an answer.  I am as stubborn as they come
(I blame this on her ).

Creative arts have always been a part of my life. I loved exploring every type of creative element. At one point I pursued theatre, fashion design and even received my license in the beauty industry.  

When I became a mother to my first born son, I did what every mother does...I became obsessed with capturing every single moment of every single day. I remember an opportunity arose to photograph a friends' back yard wedding...I took the leap of faith and
 I never turned back.  

Photography has challenged me like no other creative art has before. It pushed me to explore and grow year after year.
 What I did not expect to discover in photography was a deep connection and amazing relationships with my clients. I love that photography has given me the gift to express in several aspects. I get to express artistically and visually but also emotionally with words and thought. It gives me a platform to love people well and share their stories while also sharing mine.  

I find it crazy that I am still so enthusiastic about pursuing my art in photography. It only makes me excited to see what the future holds. Thank you for taking the time to appreciate something I pour my heart and soul into. Rubi Z

As an artist, speaking through our work is the greatest honor, and photography has given me that.