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Rubi Z 2017 Recap

Oh my goodness guys….WHAT A YEAR!  In 2016 I planned on leaving photography (well my business, not photography) behind me…little did I know that by April 2016 my mind and heart would shift and it would just birth a drive to seek this business out deeper and further. In the beginning of 2017 I asked the Lord for one thing pertaining to my business.  I said “help me to become an artist this year.”

I wanted to come into my own shell this year.  I wanted to fully discover the kind of work that felt natural and real to myself.  The kind of work that didn’t feel forced but felt like a glove that was made specifically for me.  This is exactly what happened.  This is exactly what I’m walking away with!

I entered the year getting inspired by one of my favorite artists (Jordan Voth-read more).  Thereafter in March I was published on my favorite blog (Junebug Weddings-read more).  It’s amazing to see where I find myself at the beginning of 2018, I’m grateful for the experiences 2017 gave me and I’m looking forward to what this year holds.  I’m again walking into it blindly, but hopeful.

This year, I have new hopes and desires….and I’ll most certainly let you know if I accomplish them!  Cheers to another wonderful year and capturing all the amazing moments within this season of life! xoxoxo -Rubi Z