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Lauryn: Where Roots and Macrame Marry

I want to introduce you to someone so wonderful!

Lauryn Rogers with Roots Co.

When we began brainstorming about the vision for the stylized shoot in Flying Caballos Ranch, we immediately knew that we wanted to bring in macrame pieces.  At first, it began as a small idea or part of the session but quickly turned into a grand feature.  I mean, how could it not!

Lauryn worked really hard on creating this very special and detailed piece for our shoot.  The mustard yellow complimented the tones and overall idea and vibe of the styled shoot.  It was exciting to see how invested Lauryn was to see this piece come to life.  It showed, it really was a standout piece.

A little bit about Lauryn and Roots Co.

Lauryn Writes: “When I first started Roots Co. it was not planned to be what it has become today, but I would not change it for the world! I was at a place in my life where I was feeling a little lost and kept feeling the urge to find my passion, something that made me happy, that was my own, that I could put out in the world to connect with people. My original business plan was centered around creating floral and succulent arrangements. I had become so intrigued by the propagation process of succulents! It’s the process of taking a single leaf from a succulent, letting it dry and callus, and with a little love and care roots will sprout from the leaf and a new plant will grow. These little pink roots that reach into the soil for nourishment to create something new and beautiful were my inspiration for the name of the shop, Roots Co. It was me, reaching to put my roots into this little town of ours and make a name for myself, and create beautiful things for people.”

From this moment, Lauryn quickly filled her home with beautiful succulent arrangements and they became an inspiration for creation.  Naturally, she wanted to create something to hang one of her plants in and that’s when something new was birthed.  This creation of a macrame piece that left her wanting more!

“I felt like I had found my passion, creating beautiful works of art with my hands. I then knew I wanted to create art for peoples homes, beautiful pieces for weddings and accessories for everyone to enjoy,” says Lauryn.

More on Lauryn 

Lauryn has been operating Roots Co. for a year and she is loving every minute of it.  In such a short span she has gained the love of our community and many doors have flung wide open for her.  Opportunities are lurking at every turn and she’s just ecstatic about all of these opportunities.

Lauryn is naturally creative and she is fueled by vision.  She loves when clients ask for special pieces and gives her the challenge to create something that hasn’t been created before (such as this piece from the Flying Caballos Stylized Session).  So if you’re looking for a special piece and have yet to find it….Lauryn is certainly your girl! Lauryn is from our hometown of Bakersfield CA but she also ships out special pieces to clients, so don’t fret if you’re not from Bakersfield!

Lauryn has been creating a few pieces for the wedding industry.  It was really great to see the extent that she’s capable and quite honestly, this is just a glimpse.  Macrame included in wedding decor was absolutely stunning.  Some of my favorite things were its capacity to change and evolve into different settings.  For example, the large piece played a role in the alter….but then it was transported in two other locations (the sofa as an accent, and in the tower for intimate photos of it wrapped around our couple).  One of my favorite things about using macrame pieces in a wedding is the idea of what it can become after!  I love home decor, and I’ve bought a few macrame pieces (nothing like Lauryn’s beautiful pieces-but you know…just what I find at TJ Maxx) and I’ve hung them around my house.  How incredibly special would it be to keep such a gorgeous detail from your wedding and hang it in your home-even better, keeping it for years and years and allow it to be something generations carry on as a piece of your wedding day?  That to me is an investment in decor I’m absolutely willing to do.

Details of the macrame pieces by Roots Co.

A few photos of the pieces with our couple:


Lauryn Rogers -the entrepreneur behind Roots Co. 

Note to Lauryn from Rubi Z

Lauryn, I want to thank you for collaborating with us on this styled shoot.  I knew we needed macrame pieces, but I didn’t realize how much we needed YOU to create such a beautiful vision.  Everything about your pieces brought warmth and a touch of home to this collection.  Thank you for taking the time to weave so much love into your work.  We felt it and we saw it.

I remember when I first ran into your work, I was blown away by several things: your work, your beauty, your heart, your passion for your daughter….all of it….every bit of it is a weaving of your own story, and your own soul, elevating your work to a whole new level.  I hope that you continue to walk through doors of curiosity and creativity.  I hope you find yourself in places you never imagined.  I feel honored to know you and to have worked on this project with you.

So much love and appreciation!