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Quitting is not an option

Sometimes you just have to listen to your gut-that inner deep place asking you, no, begging you to TRUST IT. I’ve been silencing that deep place for a while-and one of the things it has been urging me to do is to blog more frequently-as in everyday if possible…and then I watched this interview of Seth Godin-and well-here I go [watch here if you dare].

Most of the time you can find me on this road to MOMPRENEUR EXTRAORDINAIRE. And every once in a while….CRASH!!!! The daunting week of woah is me and I’m so tired I can cry every second of every day. Every day feels as if every limb is heavy and finding purpose to do what I’m doing is slim to none. Nearly IMPOSSIBLE.

I found myself here again recently. So when did it break….last night….I told myself-GIRL…just SHOW UP! You see, I don’t have sick time. If I don’t show up, guess what…work is still waiting for me the next day. Immediately I knew I had to find someone who was going to speak to me the things that I know to be true. So hence Seth Godin [a close second would have been Simon Sinek].

So here’s what I’m taking away from the last couple of weeks and this turning point [aka: Seth Godin teaching/some time I created in my schedule with my family to breath/lots of talking to Jesus/and the amazing salted caramel cold foam cold brew the barista at starbucks made me].

You have no excuse for the things that do not happen in your life that are within your control. If you’re showing up for an applause then you might as well quit now. Create something everyday, even if at the moment it doesn’t make sense. Some days you’ll create better work and some days you’ll create OK work…but at least you’re creating…the only bad work is the work you didn’t create out of fear that it wasn’t perfect. Stop holding back. The fear you feel right now… ride it like the biggest wave of your life and go all in. You have nothing to lose by trying and everything to lose by quitting.

With all my heart and soul…I’ll show up everyday…intentionally…with purpose. Rubi Z