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Point Lobos: Zack + Katy {Engaged}

I was so delighted the day that I got to meet Zack and Katy via skype who were referred over to me by the amazing Bri at Desert Child Events.  They were so kind and down to earth and I couldn’t wait to meet them.  After booking, we arranged this very special engagement session centered around their love for the beach and Point Lobos area.  After doing my research I could see why they loved this place!  We prepped and planned and it turned out to be such a beautiful session.

A little back story to their love:

Zack and Katy were destined to be together….since they were babies!  No joke.

Their parents are friends and they’d known each other since they were babies in diapers and occasionally they would see each other throughout their growing years.  Ironically, Zack and Katy even share the SAME BIRTHDAY!  Come on!  Crazy crazy.

Ok…do any of you remember MySpace?!  One year when they were both teens, their parents had a birthday dinner for them together.  Katy says they were both so very quiet and hardly spoke to each other.  After this very silent and awkward dinner, Zack’s sister found Katy on MySpace and then Katy found Zack and friend requested him.  This was the beginning of constant instant message chatting for Zack and Katy and it just lead to a great friendship that quickly turned into a relationship.   It is easy to say that they both felt like they just clicked.  After a week of constant online communication, they went on their first date.  Zack must’ve been so moved by that date because as soon as he arrived home he called her and asked if Katy would be his girlfriend. Zack was taken back with how fun and cute Katy was.  He found her easy to talk to and they’d easily stay up until 3am just talking and being silly and he found that so intriguing.  Katy loved that Zack played the guitar.  She thought had a cool factor and found it very comfortable to talk to him. They have now been together for 11 years!

The Proposal:

Zack proposed in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.  He had set up a very romantic dinner on the beach.  He was absolutely nervous and didn’t hardly say a word.  They took in the views, they took in the moment…and the moment was absolutely perfect to Katy.  She obviously said YES!!!!

The Engagement Session:

Just as I always do with my clients, I get a vibe and an idea of the type of location that feels most like them for their engagement shoot.  Once I get that idea, I then give them three options that they can choose from.  Zack and Katy knew right off the bat that they loved Point Lobos.  They love the beach and they love anything that looks like they’re in a destination somewhere secluded.  I heard them and included that as one of their 3 options, and of course they just knew and felt like Point Lobos was so them, they hardly paid attention to any other options.

Point Lobos did not disappoint…although the session almost didn’t happen there.  We arrived on scene and to leave a lot out, we were almost not permitted to shoot there (note to anyone desiring to shoot there: get a permit ahead of time).  Luckily we ran into a very kind park ranger who understood my pleading and passion behind my “we have to shoot here or else” speech!  LOL.  We made it and it was wonderful.  There was a certain area that we were actually aiming to shoot at, but it was closed off because seals were being lazy and taking up all the space…but we made it work anyways and it was so perfect.

I believe Zack and Katy truly enjoyed their engagement session.  “I loved how comfortable Rubi made us feel.  I didn’t feel embarrassed and I felt like she was a close friend.  She was super encouraging and it made it easy.” -Katy.  “Picking outfits was key and I’m glad I had a few different options because the one I thought I would love ended up not being my favorite and the one I was not as excited about photographed very well.  So it was a good thing to have options.” I asked Katy, if there was any advice that she would give any future couples going into their engagement sessions and she said “Just relax, enjoy the day.  Don’t try too hard because the best photos are the ones that look and feel natural.  Just let Rubi (your photographer) do her thing!  She’s definitely got this!”-Katy

Wedding Day:

Zack and Katy are getting married this weekend guys!  They are marrying at the beautiful Nicklaus Club in Monterey, CA!  The venue itself has a very vineyard like feel with a lot of classic romance, but of course Katy is putting her twist on it by adding some boho touches and what she likes to call “cool girl LA vibes!”  Katy is my kind of girl for sure!  Anyone who can see beyond what everyone tends to see is my kinda bride!  And then she’ll have the amazing Bri with Desert Child Events to bring it home for her so it’s going to be amazing I’m sure!

Zack and Katy look forward to a lot of things after their I do’s, but mostly traveling the world together!  To them, seeing the world together is just the kind of life they are excited to live.

A Note from Rubi Z:

Zack and Katy.  I want to thank you for opening your hearts to me and allowing me in.  Thank you for trusting me on the biggest moment of your lives.  You have no idea how honored I feel.  You both are so incredibly special and I look forward to your day.  I can’t believe you’ve already done so much of your lives together…I believe the best is yet to come.  I am a forever friend and a believer of your forever love.  Thank you…this weekend can’t come soon enough!

With all of my heart and soul….

Rubi Z

A few behind the scenes moments and this epic video done by Lex and Ev: