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Omg…you’re a genius!

“I’m not smart.” That’s a dialogue that I lived with for many years. Talented, yes. Creative, certainly. Artsy, absolutely…but smart-NO.

Where did this come from? This idea that I was not bright. It stemmed for me very early on. When I would study really really hard and get a C on certain tests. Math and Science in particular. I was excellent in certain subjects but not so great in others. I worked hard and sometimes barely made it through.

I always kind of knew that I didn’t want to go through college. I used to tell myself “why? Why do I have to go to college when I can go directly to the source that I want to learn and do.” Somehow I always knew I wanted to do something creative, something artistic and I never felt that college was a necessity to get there. So therefore, not going to college also added to my dialogue of “you’re not smart.”

It wasn’t until very recently in my life that I started to realize how smart I really am. I don’t mean this to boast, I say this to free anyone who has had the same thing happen to them. I stumbled upon this quote once while on pinterest.

From the mouth of a genius! “Creativity is intelligence having fun.” I was simply struck-like a lighting bolt to my chest. How I’d spent countless of days sitting in my office navigating myself through creative tunnels. I was discovering, brainstorming, analyzing, experimenting etc. I was doing it all.

Through books, small workshops here and there, and through my eagerness to learn by trial and error…I did it…I made something out of nothing. I suddenly felt this overwhelming sensation of pride take over. I was proud of what I’d done. I was proud of what I’d pursued. For the first time in my life at that moment something shifted. I said to myself “Rubi, you’re a genius.” [Lol…my inner dialogue is something I tell ya.] I honestly laughed with myself for just a little bit taking in that moment and all it’s glory.

Yes I wore the glasses in honor of how smart I felt…jk jk.

So I have to shout it to the rooftops so that YOU KNOW! You’re a genius! Education has been defined in our world through one avenue….a college degree. But I don’t believe that’s the only source of education anymore. You can read books from some of the greatest minds that ever existed. You can watch you tube videos that will instruct you on how to do certain things you’re eager to do. I’m not bashing college-I will always encourage my children to get an education and if college is the route they need to take to get to where they need to go [ex: lawyers, doctors etc] then so be it! But…if you don’t believe you’re smart simply because you don’t have a college degree yet you’re inventing and creating and running a business or pursing something incredible, then my friend, YOU’RE A GENIUS!

Knowledge and growth can come from anywhere…just search for it and you will find it.