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Mami. I’ve tried to have conversations with people about you without shedding tears, but it’s impossible. Literally impossible. To believe there was a time where I didn’t value you as much as I should of, frustrates me. I have used this platform time and time again to express the depths of what you mean to me mom, but there isn’t enough words, photos, posts to share the true width, depth, height that sums it up. Wonder Woman has nothing on you. I’ve seen God through you-through your determination and love for us. Through your strength. I love you more than words can express and I’m grateful that I get to enjoy a cafecito with you another year. Cheers to many many more years of Starbucks, great food, good laughs, tears and everything in between-if anyone can handle everything life throws at them, it’s you! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAMI-I love you too much un CH***O!

Thank you to Margaux Fischer Photography for a collection that I’ll cherish forever and ever!