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A Pillar of Fire: John + Theresa’s Anniversary

If you don’t know Theresa Wooner Photography.…you should probably go love her like now!  She’s an amazing woman who has been such a beauty and an encouragement in my business.  She is a mother to two beautiful babies and a wife to John, who I’ll talk about in a minute.  Theresa took some maternity portraits for me when I was pregnant with Sophia [you can see that post > here].  Since then it was only right that I return the favor some day of documenting a part of Theresa’s life she wanted documented.  I’m so happy that she chose to capture her and John together….it was a sincere honor.

I met John for the first time officially in person the day of our shoot.  Prior to us working together, I’d only seen tons of beautiful photos of John with his kids.  I always knew he was a wonderful father and husband and a an overall great guy.  The day of our session I was VERY SURPRISED to learn how tall he was.  He is TALLLLLL.  I’d never realized in photos just how tall he was.  He’s also incredibly smart and ADORES ADORES Theresa!  It was evident by the way that John looked at Theresa that he had such a mad crazy appreciation, admiration, respect and sincere love for her.  She is his fire-a fire that will never grow dim.  

John and Theresa have two adorable kids and they worked it all out so they could get dressed up, have a beautiful time together at a photo session that would allow them to focus on being husband and wife and then planned dinner afterwards….I’d say these two hit it right on the money-that’s what I’d call DATE NIGHT!

The Wooner’s have been married now for 5 years.  In those five years they’ve learned so much about each other and they’ve truly grown together as a unit.  Theresa mentions that she’s really learned to show appreciation in ways that John needs it from her and she’s learned that anything can be resolved with enough ice cream and tickles!  John….he says that within these five years, he’s learned that his wife is unstoppable!  They both agree that it’s been mutual support and encouragement of one another to become the best version of themselves as individuals and together as a couple that has really shaped their marriage in the last couple of years.

If there is anything we can tell newlyweds it would be this, “Change is inevitable and you may be someone totally different from who you were the day you said “I do” but you can help guide the direction of your marriage with your attitude and choices and through it you can learn to grow together and also grow as individuals.” -The Wooner’s

“We did this anniversary photo shoot because we were ready for something like this, where the focus was entirely on us and our connection.  Our children are our world but coming back to where it all began was something we really wanted to do.  It was beyond our expectations.  There was a great confidence built in the preparations for the session so that helped us feel ready and comfortable the day of.  It was so fun creating the vision with Rubi.  We would highly recommend and anniversary session because that spark that you feel being that focused and close to your spouse is priceless.   Our favorite part of the shoot was RUBI!  Her charisma and positivity throughout our session was infectious.”

Favorite photo [featured on the top and as the cover]:

I’m obsessed with the photo of John wrapped up all around me at sunset.  You can just see that I’m home there. 

This is my favorite place to be in the world!



Note from Rubi Z:  John and Theresa, I can’t thank you enough for trusting me with such beautiful moments.  I see your everyday lives by what you openly share on social media, but beyond that, I’ve learned your heart Theresa and I now see where you draw a lot of strength from.  It is evident that John is your pillar.  The person that keeps you going-the person that says “you can!”.  It is also evident that you are the fire within that pillar Theresa.  The person that keeps him happy-the person the gives him LIFE and lights up his day.  I hope that I find you both this way for many many years to come, I know that I will!  Thank you both again for opening up a piece of your heart and home to me.

Theresa’s dress/shoes: Nordstrom