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The Heart of LA: Theo + Sue’s Wedding

Theo + Sue are a beautiful couple that I met through Skype.  They instantly felt warm and kind and sincerely just my kind of people.  We had a few things in common…the love for the city of Los Angeles (their home) and the connection to Bakersfield (my home town and Theo’s childhood home where his family still resides).  I was thrilled when they booked me to be their photographer and their day felt nothing short of wonderful.

Rubi Z highlights:

Los Angeles, CA is a huge source of inspiration for me.  When I feel like I’m in need of a creative reboot, I head on over to Los Angeles just to walk the streets and sip on coffee.  I sit in coffee corners and dream.  Theo and Sue married in the heart of Los Angeles.  That in itself was inspiring.  They paid attention to locations that really had an ambiance of Los Angeles.  Such as the hotel Mama Shelter and their venue Madera Kitchen.  Theo and Sue’s first look felt as if they blocked off the streets of LA just for them-it was private and silent and intimate.  It was really special.  The building that surrounded them felt like accents to their love and their presence.  Sue told me that Theo was not a crier, and it was so shocking for me to know this truth seeing that Theo has been awarded the “Rubi Z Most Emotional Groom” of the year (if there was such award).  He was so moved by his emotions this day and I couldn’t be more delighted to capture them.  They were surrounded by a group of friends that celebrated with them.  They ditched car rides and cabs and they walked from one location to their venue together (felt like a bridal-razzi moment for me).  Biggest highlight was this: We are in the heart of Los Angeles, the streets busy with cars and people that have very little patience while driving; in the midst of all of this, a woman takes the time to roll down her window and yell “Hey!  Photographer!”  I was taken back and the wedding party and bride and groom were on defense as to whether or not this lady was going to be rude to me.  She continues on to tell me that there was a building just down the street that would take me to a rooftop that would give me incredible views of Los Angeles, including the Hollywood sign.  Then she goes on to say, you need a code…and here it goes!  I could not believe it.  So that leads me to another highlight…where we enter this private location-given access by a this lovely stranger onto the rooftop at sunset overlooking the city.  It was perfect.

(*After the gallery you will find Theo and Sue’s story along with a link to their feature on Junebug Weddings)

A little back story:

Theo + Sue met in Vegas, NV after being invited by a friend (their officiant at their wedding) who organized a trip.  They became really good friends after this trip and then just gradually realized that they were meant to be more than friends.

Prepping for their wedding:

When they were planning their wedding, the most important things were to stay intimate and connected to their roots.  They wanted to be close to family and friends and create an intimate environment at a brunch style wedding.  They kept things simple but meaningful. They chose to host their wedding at the beautiful Madera Kitchen.  They loved the food, decor, and service that was provided and felt that it was the perfect fit.  They went for a very minimalistic decor style that would just be timeless.

Their perspective on their wedding photos:

“Were we so lucky to have Rubi capture our special day. She made it so easy for us! She went above a beyond and and knew exactly what we wanted. Every moment felt so special and beautiful.  Our favorite moments were the moments on the rooftop.  It was so nostalgic.  It reminded us of the summer nights in NYC when we first dated.  Everything about the rooftop we were on felt like the rooftops we used to sit and talk for hours on.”  -Sue

Any final thoughts or advice for brides when planning or prepping for their big day:

Just go with out gut. Don’t over think things. In the end, guests really won’t notice the small details of things. Enjoy the planning process.



Guys!  I’m so delighted to share that this wedding was featured on Junebug Weddings.  If you desire to see the feature head on over: Junebug Weddings

Photography – Rubi Z Photo
Venue – Madera Kitchen
Makeup Artist and Hair Styling – Kelly Zhang Studio
Wedding Dress – BHLDN
Groom’s Apparel – Jimmy Au
Rings – Brilliant Earth

Note from Rubi Z:

Theo + Sue…thank you for welcoming me with open arms into your special day.  Thank you for treating me like a friend.  Your day was as special as your love for one another.  I hope that I will find you celebrating your 50th year one day!  Many many blessings to you both as you continue and journey onto life (the greatest adventure you’ll ever take).  Love you both dearly.

With all my heart and soul…Rubi Z


A few behind the scenes moments captured by Victora Espino:

Brides reaction to LA views