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Griffith Observatory LA Engagement

I’m ecstatic to share this collection. Cameron and Karina at Griffith Observatory. This was the first time that I’ve created a collection here. Upon arriving I was really nervous because it was a Saturday and it was packed! I wondered how I would create this collection with a bagillion people around. That wasn’t my only challenge, Cameron, who is my brother in law now…is a very shy person. I had to work in a way that would put him at ease around people and that’s no easy task. But…together, we nailed it. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. I worked through and around the people. I was respectful and they were in return respectful. I moved through the zones rather quickly and smoothly.

The highlight of this collection was the ending. I was about to leave and actually did tell Karina and Cameron my usual…. “that’s a wrap!!!!” I wanted to close the collection by photographing the city landscape and instantly got a visual in my mind of a double exposure with Karina and Cameron and the city landscape! I made them walk all the way back to me. They were really confused as to why I was asking them to do some of the same poses they’d just finished, not knowing I was actually creating a double exposure. It was their favorite from their collection and probably on the top of my favorites of portraits I’d ever created.