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Child Like

I watched my daughter intently on Easter Sunday…it could be the adorable outfit I was able to find on Amazon or simply the way she navigated this new celebration and everything within it. My boys as well, but there was something about this state of innocence that I was intrigued by.

Throughout this day, she marveled at the birds that would chirp. She pointed at them, smiled at them, and stood in awe of them. It sort of makes you stop as well and remember how fascinating a bird chirping on a beautiful sunny day in California can really be.

Then, I gave our kids their easter baskets and she grabbed everything out of it one by one and it all meant the same to her. She wasn’t bombarded by the value of any of it. Everything was still a mystery, everything was something new. She engaged fully with the egg and the books and the weird looking stringy paper that served as fake grass. I mean she was stuck on the grass for a good while. Everything was equally amazing

Then lets fast forward to celebrating at my moms house. Where this adorable little daughter of mine decided to claw her cousin right in the face-literally, my niece was bleeding from the claw attack my daughter gave her! I was so upset that she’d done that [yes she’s at that stage]-and I felt terrible for my niece. And not even an hour had passed and they were both playing with bubbles together laughing as if nothing had ever happened….because to them-it was over-that bad moment passed. There was not a grudge or un-forgiveness, just joy of the present moment together.

All of this to tell you that these little ones taught me a valuable lesson. We shouldn’t ever lose the wonder in the simple things. We should remember that they are at times the most valuable. I think it is important that we continue to stand in awe of life and it’s new discoveries. We should be eager to explore and to look at things in a different light. We should pause and marvel at the birds chirping and we should remember how great it is to simply LIVE. And then…what a world we would live in if we learned to love the way children do. If we looked past faults and disappointments. Not in a way of allowing ourselves to be mistreated or used, but sometimes certain things don’t need to be taken so seriously. Certain things don’t need to be blown out of proportion. Sometimes we just need to see past our faults and play in the bubbles together and remember that being together in life is better than holding grudges.

Let’s learn to be a little more child-like. I dare you to observe children this week and let them teach you a lesson. Hope you had a wonderful day this Easter Sunday with family and friends. xoxoxo. Rubi Z