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Cambria CA Secret Proposal

I was so excited when I was contacted by Javi to capture his proposal to Nicole.  I’ve known Javi for a few years now but just met Nicole about a year ago and she is so easy to love!  I knew this day for them would come soon enough and what a pleasure it was to capture it all!

The moment I received a long and detailed email from Javi about his proposal, I was certain I was in for a treat.  He is a total planner and planned every single little detail without skipping a beat.  He would make that day absolutely special for both of them-but especially for Nicole.

He’d planned such a beautiful day with her that would lead up to this moment and it was a privilege for him to allow some close friends to help set up all the details he prepared and for me to scope out his chosen location for the right spot and view.  We showed up hours earlier and their friends and my assistant fought through some really harsh winds in order to set up everything Javi prepared!

Javi and Nicole have been together for 3 years and Javi said that he’d always known she’d be the woman he would marry, but there was something about late last year that made him realize it was just a matter of time and he would then begin to prepare a 6 month plan to his proposal.

Javi lead Nicole to the area we’d selected.  He stood on the cliff overlooking the beautiful colorful ocean of Cambria CA and he delivered a heart felt letter next to all the beautiful props he prepared.  It was surrounded in this little natural garden that made it feel so magical.  He gets down on one knee, declares his love and asks for her to marry him.  You’ll see the face of shock and thrill Nicole had and she immediately says YES!  They hug, they kiss, and they were over the moon that they were now an engaged couple!  We then came out from hiding and shot a few more photos in the beautiful setting just to seal the deal!

I’d asked Nicole if she saw this coming….her response… “No, because it is our anniversary weekend and one time I’d mentioned that it would be so cool for us to be engaged during our anniversary weekend (as a HINT HINT type of thing) and Javi’s response was a very serious one saying ‘I would never do that, that is so dumb.’ So I left it alone after that.”  Lol.  I felt her pain as she shared that, not knowing that he was planning this all along!

Javi and Nicole are now on their journey to wedding planning!  They will be getting married the end of this year….yes they just could not wait any longer…and I don’t blame them!  I just love it.  When I asked Javi what he is mostly looking forward to after the I do’s he said “the honeymoon!” Ha!  I fully understand.  Congrats to you both on this amazing journey and new season!  I can not wait to capture your special day.  I don’t have any doubt that it will be as perfectly planned and as personal as this proposal!  xoxoxo Rubi Z