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Best Nine of 2017

Well, here it is guys.  According to your likes/comments, here is what you chose for the best 9 of 2017 for Rubi Z Photo!  I want to give you deeper insight into each of these nine squares.  Especially because they own my very heart!

  1. (September 4, 2017) “Want to talk about LABOR?! Can’t believe it’s been a week since I labored to bring this beauty into our world.  I’m not going to lie….I miss my sleep and energy.  I miss work 🙂 but I don’t want to miss a thing with my family.  While I’m at home with my precious baby in my hand and my husband and boys lounging on my couch…what are you all doing?!  PC: Victora Espino.
    • Here’s some insight:  This was one of the happiest days of my life.  Something happened to my family on this day.  The day we saw her face.  She came with beauty and grace.  My husband and I stared at each other in complete shock, it was still so surreal that we’d had a baby girl after having two very amazing sons.  It was different, it felt different but it was perfect.  Sophia was not planned, but boy was she welcomed and loved. Her brothers are in love and everyday they greet her in the morning with snuggles and kisses.
  2. (November 23, 2017) “The secret to having it all is knowing you already do. My heart is constantly filled with gratitude.  Happy Thanksgiving everyone.”  PC: Victora Espino.
    • Here’s some insight:  This shoot was not really planned.  It was simply put together and inspired by my daughter’s cute outfit.  My mom actually made her little overall piece and I was mad crazy about fox socks on her (even if they were too big).  So I convinced my family to do a quick shoot before heading over to Thanksgiving festivities.  My family is usually the WORST, but they cooperated and we had a nice little shoot.  I always wanted a photo like this if I ever had a little girl. OH!  And check out the sign I had made by my friend Ana Flores with She Rises Creations, just in time for our shoot and for the shot of her with her brothers!
  3. (November 10, 2017) “A little flashback Friday to this moment. January of this year.  Where he encouraged me to take another step in business.  Where he pushed me to be inspired by an amazing photographer (Jordan Voth) and an amazing city (Seattle, WA).  We stayed in this cozy tiny home (Tispy the Tiny House) and we talked big dreams.  We thanked God for all of His favor and love and we rejoiced as we thought about a new little life in my womb.  This is what he does…he makes me better-he tells me that I CAN and that I SHOULD.  I’m better with him.  We are better together.” See Seattle Trip.
    • Here’s some insight.  Jimmy is in no way a perfect husband.  We have gone through some rough times in our marriage.  But, we fought together to see this day and because of it we grew stronger.  My heart was overwhelmed with gratitude for him when I wrote this post.  I thought of all the times that he has told me YES, and GO!  Recently Jimmy has discovered a natural talent that he’s absolutely passionate about.  Woodworking.  In 2018, I hope to be what he’s always been for me….the person who tells him YES and GO!  He’s excited for this new journey and as his wife….I’ve never seen him more alive so of course I share the same excitement.  I’ll have to let you in on his journey sometime.  You’ll love him and his work!
  4. (August 27, 2017) “From suffering comes the most beautiful things.  In just a few hours the suffering will end and I’ll get to meet Sophia.” PC: Gwen Corona Photography .
    • Here’s some insight:  I was lying in a hospital bed when I wrote this post.  It had already been 8 hrs of at home labor only to come to the hospital for several more.  A this point, I was really in a lot of pain but the medication subdued the pain enough for me to relax. I was trying to look at the brighter side of things and thought this photo really reflected the way I felt about anticipating my daughters’ arrival (my first baby girl!).
  5. (July 16, 2017) “I can probably write a book about what this season means to me-but I’ll spare you all the long story and just say…life doesn’t make sense sometimes…but God has a way of making everything beautiful.  Carol’s Visuals you’ll never know the depth of what this video means to me!  Thank you so much.” Video Credit: Carols Visuals
    • Here’s some insight:  Jimmy and I were happily married for ten years when our marriage took a weird and unexpected hit.  It came out of no where and I honestly didn’t think it would survive.  By God’s incredible grace, we chose to fight together and rebuild.  From this fight came a deeper love for one another and then unexpectedly we were expecting Sophia.  Sophia’s middle name is Anabelle because it means “beauty and grace.”  She is a constant reminder of God’s grace over Jimmy and I because she wouldn’t exist if we didn’t fight to stay together.  This video meant so much to Jimmy and I.  I didn’t even tell Carol what song to choose, I told her to choose whatever song she saw fit, and she chose this one (Extravegant by Bethel) and it was right on.  It doesn’t make sense the way that God loves us and the way He calls us to love each other.  See the full video of “Welcoming Sophia” by Carols Visuals.
  6. (June 23, 2017) “These are smiles of a husband and wife who have endured fires that should’ve burned their relationship to the ground.  Smiles of joy after suffering.  I love my husband more than the day I married him and that’s a miracle we can only say thanks to God for!  Here’s just one of my many amazing maternity photos Carols Visuals took this week. xoxoxo” PC: Carols Visuals
    • Here’s some insight: Well honestly, my insight for this thought and photo are same as the above insight and thought.  I’m constantly overwhelmed with the thought of God’s grace over our lives.
  7.  (July 23, 2017) “If HIS grace were an ocean we’d all be sinking.  What does this mean?  That absolutely nothing you and I have done-ALL of our mistakes put together would drown in the sea of Gods love and His grace.  I can not even tell you how much I’ve seen this to be true in my life.  Carrying Sophia these couple of months has been a constant reminder.  Today I get to celebrate this baby girls’ life with family and friends. Stay tuned on my insta stories later this evening as I let you in on my babyshower.  Have a wonderful Sunday! EMBRACE HIS GRACE. xoxo” PC: Carols Visuals.
    • Here’s some insight: Pretty much the same heart and thought pattern as above, only I was also in the midst of prepping for a beautiful backyard babyshower.  I really went all out for this maternity.  Maybe because I knew in my heart that she’d be my last baby or maybe because it was a girl, or maybe because of the season of life that I was in.  Either way, I really took it all in!  Calligraphy work by : BNB Calligraphy, “He’s made everything beautiful…” swaddle by Modern Burlap
  8. (October 27, 2017) “It is Friday guys….and I’m shaking my money maker!  So excited to finally have my Buffalo Water Money Maker camera strap from Hold Fast Gear.  It is a very good day and I can’t wait to wear this at Nick + Alicia’s wedding next week!” Video Credit: My son 🙂 .
    • Here’s some insight: So, I’d been dying to have one of these babies.  I told myself if I booked another wedding I would buy it, so I did.  Honestly, it just made me happy.  I can be pretty deep a lot of the times, but also have a very fun side that always wants to be let out.  Lol.  So this was just the opportunity to have some fun.  I strapped up, grabbed my son, since he is more capable than my husband (I do NOT have an insta hubby!) and he did a couple takes of his mom being crazy.  He and my younger son just laughed at me the whole time.  Ha!
  9. (October 22, 2017) “Hey guys! It’s me, Rubi Z. Your friendly neighborhood photographer (sorry I watch too much Spiderman).  I recently became a momma of my first baby girl after having two little men.  Some people say I’m lucky to be doing what I love while raising my little loves….but it’s not luck at all.  It’s sweat and at times tears, it’s frequent drives to Starbucks, its a lot of support from my husband and my family, it’s a lot of prayer and God-strength! Quite frankly, if I didn’t love photography as much as I do, I would’ve thrown in the towel a long time ago!  But…I love my job and my family!  I love the life that I get to live.  It’s a privilege to capture the moments that make people feel most alive!  I’m not certain what the future holds….but I’m certain photography will always be a part of it.  Happy Sunday guys!”
    • Here’s some insight: I work really hard to make my business work.  It isn’t easy.  Just like I mentioned on this post, it at times brings me to tears.  When I became a mom of two, things were really challenging, I think I cried almost everyday and I struggled and almost gave up.  But I pressed through the hard days and rejoiced when I had good days.  I’ve worked around the clock to make this business work.  I come from a single mother of 7 kids who was there for us while also building a business of her own.  She now owns a successful barbershop and I feel like I have no excuse.  I have 3 children and a very involved husband…who am I to complain!  I make it work.  It’s a wonderful life and I love everything about it.  By now I’ve learned that if I have a bad day….there’s always a good day around the corner.  I’ve also learned the value of organizing and preparing myself in advance so that I’m a step ahead of myself and those bad days don’t seem so bad.

Well guys. This year was seriously one of my favorite years in business.  There were so many success stories, so many beautiful behind the scenes stories and so many amazing connections I made with my clients.  I am overwhelmed with gratitude and love for the support you’ve all shown me.  Thank you for everything….a million times….thank you!  2018…I can’t wait to see what you have in store!  xoxoxo -Rubi Z