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A Poetry Assignment

My son came home with a poetry assignment. It’s known as a “biopoem.” I found it intriguing, and he challenged me to create one myself. So here it goes, my stab at a biopoem.


Fiery, stubborn, creative, and kind.

Daughter of THE KING, daughter of Aurora, wife to Jimmy Z, and mother to the greatest kids on earth.

Who loves people, coffee dates, anything spicy, quality time, alone time, and creating

Enthusiasm, passion, frustration and joy

Who fears harm to my family, dying under water, and not making life count.

Who creates moments for people that they’ll cherish for a lifetime, who built a business from nothing, who believes she can do all things as long as God is on her side.

Who wants to see people live intentionally everyday and see the good ol’ days return to our current modern world.

Born in Mexico, raised in California


That was honestly harder than I thought! Interested in trying one of your own. Here is the guide on how to write your own biopoem.

[Line 1] First Name

[Line 2] Three or four adjectives that describe the person

[Line 3] Important relationship [daughter of…., mother of…etc]

[Line 4] Two or three things, people, or ideas that the person loved

[Line 5] Three feelings the person experienced

[Line 6] Three fears the person experienced

[Line 7] Accomplishments [who composed…who discovered…etc]

[Line 8] Two or three things the person wanted to see happen or wanted to experience

[Line 9] His or her residence

[Line 10] Last name

Hey if you end up doing this, please share it with me! Post in on media somehow and tag me. I’m interested in seeing what you all come up with too. Well…that was fun.